Location Edit

This screen allows configuration of a Location Context.

Map Display

The map shows the location (base of the flag icon), radius and names of all defined location contexts

The location currently being defined has a yellow base, other location contexts have a blue base.

Map Controls

Use the pull-down selector under the map to specify the radius for this context.

Important: if your radius is too small compared to the accuracy of the fixes you are receiving, your context may never go active. If you can't get a fix, try increasing the radius. Typically, a good radius would be around twice the accuracy of the fixes you are receiving.

If you have no internet available in order to retrieve the map tiles, you can still use the Get Fix button (see below) to specify your current location.

Action Bar Options

Grab ('My Location') Button

Acquires a location fix using the enabled and available providers (make sure the GPS Button is clicked first if you want to use GPS).

Once a fix is acquired, the latitude, longitude and radius of this location context are set according to it. If you reduce the radius after a fix, Tasker may no longer accurately detect whether you are in or out of the context.

When trying to determine current location, Tasker will keep going with fixes until they stop improving (e.g. as the GPS locks on to more satellites). If you get impatient you can press the Get Fix button again to stop the process (its label is changed to Stop while a fix is being acquired).

Address Menu Item
Allows entry of an address for which this location context should be active.

Bottom Buttons

Net Button
The Net toggle button specifies whether to use the Network location provider to monitor for this location
GPS Button
The GPS toggle button specifies whether to use GPS to monitor for this location (assuming it is available on the device). If GPS is not used, the network will need to be available in order to query for location fixes based on cell-towers or WiFi data.