Run Log

The Run Log shows profile status changes and task/action execution to help when things aren't working as expected. Log entries will only be recorded when the log is enabled by the switch in the top right.

Items are colour-coded according to what they refer to:

Most items are long-clickable for options e.g. to view the corresponding item from the user configuration.

Details Column

Displays the thing which the entry refers to. For example, MyTask.Wait refers to a Wait action in the task MyTask.

Some notable details are:

ID Column

Shows Tasker's internal ID for the thing which the entry refers to. This is most useful for actions e.g. 2.4 refers to the fourth action in the task with ID 2.

Some task or action ID entries may also have a number after a colon; since multiple copies of a particular task can run at the same time, each task also receives a unique execution ID to distinguish it from others with the same data ID. The execution ID is shown with a colon e.g. a task with ID2:3 is the task with data ID 2 and execution ID 3.

Usually, the execution service will start up, run a task and then stop, so most tasks have execution ID 1. The Run Log doesn't show the execution ID in that case.

Status Column

Describes the new status of whatever has changed which caused a log entry to be made. A status which is erronous (a problem occured) is displayed in red text.


Pause/Play Indicator

The Pause/Play indicator shows whether the list of entries is updating. That's only the case when the list is at the top i.e. the most recent chronological entries are showing.

Filter Controls

Below the list of log entries are some filter controls.

Profiles, tasks and action entries are only shown if the corresponding button is toggled on.

If a filter text is entered in the text box, entries will only be displayed if they have text which matches the filter.

When an entry is excluded by the filter controls, it's shown as a small bar on the left side of the list.