Task Edit

This dialog allows editing of the actions in a task, and various properties of the task.

Action List

The main part of the screen is a list of the actions contained in the currently selected task.

If a particular action is a setting, that will be indicated on the right-hand side of the action.

Condition and Block Colours

If an action has had a condition set for it, the condition is shown with a red or green bar next to it; green indicates that the condition is currently met (the action will execute), red indicates the opposite. Of course, when the task is executed it could be that it changes things so that the condition is then met.

If an action is within an If / End If block it is displayed indented with a red or green margin. The colours have the same significance as for individual action conditions described above.

If an action is within a For loop it is displayed indented with a grey margin. If the For action has a condition on it which is not met, the margin will be red (because the actions in the loop will never execute, like an If / End If block).

Task Control Row

Directly underneath the action list is a row of buttons with icons.
Play/Step Buttons

Run the task.

The Play button will run the task right through till the end, the Step button will run a single task each time it's pressed.

During tasting, the current action is shown with an arrow and the next task with a faded arrow.

The success of each action is shown when it finishes with a green (action OK) or red (action failed) circle.

Tasks run via the Play or Step button have priority 10.

Long-click the Play or Test button to manually set the priority of the task when it runs during the test. Please be aware that setting a lower priority can result in interference from other tasks running which are e.g. triggered by profiles.

Tip: pressing the Step button while a task is playing will cause the task to switch to stepping mode when the current action finishes.

Add Action Button
Add an action to the end of the task. When in multi-select mode, adds an action after the current selected item, if only one item is selected.
Task Properties
Show extended properties for the task. Not visible in Beginner Mode.
Task Icon
Shows the icon associated with the task. Clicking on it allows changing of the icon.

Menu Items

Action Labels
Toggle display of action labels (which are specified in the Action Edit screen).
Param Names
Toggle display of the name of each action parameter.
Toggle display of the setting/action indicator icon for each action.