Event Context

An Event Context allows specification of an event which is needed to activate its profile e.g. SMS received, screen has gone off.

Events are a little different to other contexts because they are instantaneous whereas other contexts usually have a duration.

This means that it is nonsensical to specify that e.g. the screen brightness should be set to X for the duration of the event, so Tasker assumes that all settings actions should persist beyond the event.

For more information about specifying events, see the Event Edit screen.

Event Parameters

When a task is triggered by an event, the parameters of the event that ocurred are passed to the task so that it can make decisions based on the event details.

The parameters are passed in the array %evtprm.

The order of elements of the array have values which match the order of the parameters of the event.

Example: if an event's second parameter is an Application, %evtprm2 in the launched task will be set to the label of the application which triggered the event.