ADB Wifi Permission

VERY IMPORTANT: by running the ADB command below you are opening a port on your device that other apps can access too, not just Tasker. If the port is found by other apps and they try to access it, you'll get a popup asking if you want to allow it. ONLY GIVE ACCESS TO APPS YOU TRUST! A malicious app could put your device at risk.


To use this, Tasker needs to have ADB running in WiFi mode on your device

Easy Way

Install the Tasker Permissions app and follow the prompts.

Hard Way (don't bother with this if you were able to do it the easy way)

IMPORTANT NOTE:The ADB command below will have to be ran every time you reboot your device. There's no known way to run it on boot automatically.

Note: by enabling this, other built-in actions like Airplane Mode or Mobile Data will also start to work on an unrooted device. If you use a port other than 5555 you can change the Default ADB Wifi port in Tasker Settings > Misc so that Tasker uses that port in those actions.

Check out some examples of commands to use here. Make sure to NOT include the adb shell part on any command you try so that it works correctly.

Action Inputs

Enable Debugging
Most people don't need debugging to be enabled at all times on their Android devices. It might be a security risk if you accidentally accept an unknown request to start debugging which could put your phone at risk.
By enabling this option you can leave debugging off and the action will enable it when ran and disable it afterwards, leaving your phone "closed down" for the majority of time!