Google Drive Download

Get a file or folder from Google Drive for a given account.

While the content is downloading, a notification will be shown with the progress.

Output Variables
Array of local file paths corresponding to the files that were downloaded
The account you want to download the files from
Type: File Id
Download a file by its ID. You can get the Id after you upload the file, or with a Google Drive List action (check the output variables)
Type: Remote Path
Download a file or folder by specifying its Google Drive path. If you only specify the Remote Folder field, a folder will be downloaded. If you also specify the Remote File Name field, only a single file will be downloaded.
Local Path
Place to store the files/folders on local storage. If you are downloading a folder, then this path must be a folder. If you are downloading a file, this can be either a folder or file.

Note: For security reasons this action can't be used on App Factory generated apps.