Google Drive Upload

Send a file or folder to Google Drive for a given account. If uploading a folder, all files in sub-folders will also be uploaded recursively.

While the content is uploading, a notification will be shown with the progress.

Output Variables
This action will generate several local variables related to the uploaded files/folder, including their web url. If uploading multiple files or folder, array variables will be generated.
The account you want to upload the file/folder to
If it's a valid file/folder path, the file/folder will be uploaded. If not, the text you provide will uploaded as the file's content
Remote Name
The file name on Google Drive where you want to upload the content to. Ignored if uploading a folder. If not set, file name will be the same as the local file name.
Remote Folder
Folder path on Google Drive. If left empty, file/folder will be uploaded to the root folder
Content Description
Description for the file that shows up on Google Drive. Will also be used in the progress notification's text
Overwrite If Exists
Will overwrite the Google Drive files if they already exists. If not enabled and a file with the same name exists, a file with the same name will be created, so you'll end up with multiple files with the exact same name.
Publicly Share File
Will create a share link for the files and anyone with the link will be able to access it.

Note: For security reasons this action can't be used on App Factory generated apps.