Power Menu Action (Android 11+)

Allows you to completely configure a Power Menu Tile. These tiles show up on Android 11 when you long-press the power button. Check out a demo video of this here.

Example Projects:

Create a Power Menu toggle tile

Create a dynamic app launcher in your Power Menu

Important Note: Check here if Tasker's controls don't show up for you.

Allows you to specify which tile you want to update. If a tile with the same ID doesn't exist, a new one will be created. If a tile with the ID already exists, it'll be overwritten with the new settings when you run the action.
Instead of editing a tile you can delete it.
You can create several types of tiles:
Text that appears on the top row of the tile
Text that appears on the bottom row of the tile
Icon that goes with the tile
Command that's sent to Tasker when the tile is used.
The command will trigger Tasker's Command Event.
This uses the Tasker Command System.
Depending on the type of tile, the command will be sent differently:
Range Format
Follows the Java String Format specification for float numbers.
Allows you to customize how the range number appears on the screen.
The default value for this is %.1f