Synthesize the given Text into speech.

Engine:Voice specifies the speech engine and voice/language to use. default:en specifies the default engine and English voice.
Stream/File specifies where the sound should go. Stream specifies a sound channel, File specifies a location on the SD card; the synthesized speech is stored in WAV format.

Network: use network synthesis, if supported by the current engine/voice. This may result in better quality.

Continue Task Immediately: if selected, Tasker will continue with the next queued action while the speech is still ongoing. You must select this in order to do a Shut Up action later.

Android settings may override locale, speed and pitch. Please see the 'Always use my settings option' in Android's Text-To-Speech settings section.

If Reduce Resource Usage in Tasker Prefs / Misc is checked, the speech engine will be shutdown after each utterance, meaning the speech will always begin later for subsequent Say actions.