Custom Setting

Allows you to change settings in the three Settings Tables on Android (Global, Secure and System)

Settings whose values are 0 and 1 are usually "on" and "off" settings. You can toggle these by setting the Value to =:=toggle=:=

Some values can only be changed with root.

You can leave the Value empty and only fill in the Read Setting To field to get the current value for the setting

If you set both the Value and Read Setting To inputs, the setting will be read into the variable after it has been changed. Can be useful for when you're toggling a setting and need to know what value you ended up with.

Video Example

How To Grant Permission

Please follow the instructions to learn how to grant the permission.

Example Usage

Change any setting on your device from anywhere (PC, notification, watch, etc) with an AutoApps Command - Full Tutorial

Note: If you change your keyboard setting to an empty value and apps start crashing, simply change the keyboard back to a normal value in Android settings to fix it.