Wifi Connected

The device is connected to a Wifi Access Point (AP).

If any of the parameters are specified, the AP must match that parameter, otherwise any AP will match.

SSID: the SSID of the AP e.g. SKY34312

MAC: the MAC address of the AP e.g. 00:1f:35:34:43:4a

IP: the IP address of the AP e.g.

You can use the variable Wifi Info to see information about the current AP (when connected).

The Active parameter specifies whether or not the wifi network must be the network currently in use in order to match. Setting it to Yes means the WiFi must be the default route to the internet. If Yes and you enable VPN, the WiFi state rightfully becomes inactive, as that WiFi connection is only used to route traffic to the VPN. The VPN has default route to internet. Any means it doesn't matter if WiFi is route to internet or not, as long as you are connected to a WiFi.