Pattern Matching

What's Pattern Matching ?

With Pattern Matching, you specify a pattern which tells Tasker what text you wish to match. For instance, if you want to match any telephone number starting with 0135, you can specify the simple match 0135*. * is a special character which matches any number of any character.

Tasker has two type of matching, Simple Matching and more advanced Regex Matching.

Simple Matching

Simple matching is designed to be easy for non-technical people to use.

Where's It Used ?

Simple Matching is used in the following places:

Matching Rules


Caller Matching

Caller matching (some events and states e.g. Call) is handled slightly differently.


Regular Expression Matching

Regular expressions are similar to simple matching patterns but have many more features and are much harder for non-technical people.

Where's It Used ?

Regex Matching is available:

Matching Rules

Standard Java regular expression matching is applied. The Android Developer site has a
reference page.