Tasker allows you to share your setups as easy to access links that can be opened on any browser.

The intention is to allow people to easily share their automations with the world, in a centralized place.

Anyone can import your setups by simply visiting the shared link!

Sharing is accessed by long-clicking on a project (not the base project), profile or task and selecting Export then As Link.

The basics to Export a Task to Link:

  1. Long-click the name of any Task, Profile, or Project. From the 3-dot menu in the upper right choose Export > As Link
  2. Enter a basic or detailed general Description for your Task, then click the left arrow at the top left to continue.
  3. You will then see the "Done" dialog that gives you choices for where the shared link for the Task should be placed. You can share it to any app on your device that supports share, such as Gmail, etc., or, you can copy the link to your clipboard and put here in reddit or anywhere you'd like :)
  4. After making your choice - Tasker will return to the previous screen it was on (likely Profiles or Tasks Tab) and you will notice that the check mark appears at the top indicating changes have been made in Tasker. You may ask yourself "What changes? I simply exported a Task?" and the answer is - Tasker saves the "Description" you wrote in Step 2 so that the next time you export that specific Task as Link you don't have to type it in again.
  5. Your export is complete and your shared Task/Profile/Project is on the Tasker server. Simply give the link created in Step 3 to anyone you'd like to have Import your creation!

The basics to Import a Task from URL:

  1. You need a "taskernet" share link generated by someone who has Exported their Task/Profile/Project as per the steps above. The link begins with
  2. Open the link on any device that has Tasker on it (with at least version 5.4b) typically via web browser and you will be greeted with the Task Data "Import Screen". It provides a datetime stamp of the most recent share/upload of this Task, along with its Title and basic description. To continue - simply press the green "Import" button.
  3. This will open the Tasker app and provide you with the Import Confirmation dialog. This allows you to proceed with or cancel the Import process.
  4. You'll also notice the "View Description" button on the left hand side. This allows you to view the full Task list of actions before you Import. So you can look to see if all the actions look ok to you (i.e. no weird File Writes or anything). There is also a "Copy To Clipboard" button there if you need an even closer inspection.
  5. Finally if all looks good to you - click "OK" and the Profile/Task/Project will be Imported into Tasker ready for your use! And just in case you already have a Task of the same name - Tasker will popup a dialog to let you choose to overwrite it or not. Typically you'd overwrite if you're Importing a new update to a previously Imported Task.
  6. As a final bonus - a dialog will ask you if you want to run the Task / enable the Profiles right away. Or you can run them / enable them manually after you've had a chance to peruse them in the Task editor :)

Public Shares

You can also share stuff publicly by:

  1. going to your private shares list
  2. editing a share
  3. enabling the Public option there
  4. Saving the share.

Visit the public share list to see what everyone else has shared too!