Scene Element: Video


Displays a video from file or URI.

The playback state is maintained during rotation or hiding of the scene.

Parameters: Source

Determines where to acquire the content for the video.

A source which starts with a / or does not contain a : is treated as a local file path.

Anything else is treated as a URI.

Parameter: Start Automatically

If checked, whenever a new video is loaded it will begin play immediately. If not checked, the video must be started via the Element Video Control action.

Parameter: Loop

If checked, the video will start playing again from the start when the end is reached.

Parameter: Adapt To Fit

What to do when the video size does not exactly match the element size.


Related Actions

Note on Test Element: testing the element Value returns the current playback position in Milliseconds, Maximum Value returns the duration of the current video. In both cases, the video must be already in the 'Prepared' (see the Video event) state before running the test.

See Also

The Element Editor screen.