Scene Element: Web


A Web element is like a browser window.

Parameters: Mode / Source

These parameters determine how the content for the WebView is to be acquired.

Parameter: Allow Phone Access

If checked, the content in the WebView is allowed access to local device files, data stores, and can run JavaScript, including Tasker's JavaScript Interface functions.

This is a very powerful feature, since it allows a WebView to present a complex and highly functional interface, but should only be enabled if you entirely trust the source of the specified content.

Note that references to local files must be absolute (include the directory) even when the WebView source is specified as a file e.g. /sdcard/myfiles/scripts.js

Parameter: Self Handle Links

If checked, links will be handled by the WebView itself, otherwise they will be passed to the system for handling e.g. by the default web browser.

Parameter: Support Popups

If this parameter is not checked, HTML elements which generate a popup window, for instance selection elements in forms, will crash the scene when they are activated.

If this parameter is checked, when the scene is hidden and reshown, some of its state will be lost e.g. which part of the page was being displayed, zoom level.


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