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Release Notes

13/10/2010: v1.0.10


  • task shortcuts
  • light/proximity sensor states
  • detect button clicks in any app
  • detect notifications and notification clicks for any app
  • wifi/usb tether toggle
  • improved GPS/wifi near battery life
  • action Run Script: will no longer work until ASE is upgraded to minimally SL4A RC3.


  • Time Contexts: if From = To, or there's a Repeat, they act like events (instant, no settings restoration, no exit task)
  • %CELLSIG: range is now 0-4 inclusive (CDMA) or 0-10 inclusive (GSM), approximately linearly
  • HTTP Get/Post: username:password for basic authorization are now specified in the Server field
  • %LOCPRV has been deprecated (is always 'gps' now)
  • %LOC variables are now only updated for GPS coordinates
  • variable names are no longer allowed to start with 0-9
  • deprecated action Torch, use 3rd Party/TeslaLED instead


  • added variable %LIGHT
  • declaration of proximity/light features in manifest
  • event 3rd Party / OpenWatch
  • event 3rd Party / Kaloer Clock
  • event category UI
  • action Get Location
  • variable %LOCN (net location) (dynamic)
  • variable %LOCNTMS (net location fix time) (dynamic)
  • variable %LOCNACC (net location accuracy) (dynamic)
  • allow selection of launcher(s) in app context
  • event Hardware / Button: Search Long
  • event Misc / Notification (not Cupcake, requires Tasker accessibility service)
  • event Notification Clicked supports non-Tasker notifications (not Cupcake,requires Tasker accessibility service)
  • event Misc / Button Widget Click (not Cupcake, requires Tasker accessibility service)
  • event Misc / New Window (not Cupcake, requires Tasker accessibility service)
  • variable Window Label (%WIN) (monitored) (not Cupcake, requires Tasker accessibility service)
  • action 3rd Party / Android Notifier
  • action Display / Status Bar
  • action Display / Close System Dialogs
  • action Net / Wifi Tether and associated permission CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE
  • action Net / USB Tether
  • reinstated event Missed Call (it fires every time there's a new one)
  • event edit: added built-in variable selector as for state/action edit
  • look for samsung alarm package (events Alarm Clock, Alarm Done)
  • built-in icon for unlock
  • Wait/Wait Until actions will wake up device when they expire, so no need to keep device awake while they tick
  • plugin devs can specify strings to be scanned for variables before firing
  • action Display Brightness: added Ignore Current Level parameter (sometimes Android needs an extra kick)
  • Menu / Prefs / UI / Lock On Startup option, also applied to Widget/Shortcut configure
  • support for TeslaLED and SleepBot in 3rd Part category
  • if there are any named tasks referred to by locked profiles, ask for the lock code upon trying to create a widget or shortcut
  • 3rd Party event: WidgetLocker (Locked, Unlocked, Hidden)


  • Photo actions: variables in filename weren't being replaced
  • Run Script: variable passing should have been optional
  • sanity check sensor event structure before retrieving values
  • catch exceptions processing sensor values
  • profile list, tabbed view, profile with 2 state contexts: was disappearing after deleting first state
  • clicking on the name of a deprecated action was causing crash
  • getting cell ID was causing a crash occasionally (e.g. maybe switching airplane mode)
  • app detection: was too loose due to bug
  • exported task descriptions: action indices now start at 1
  • monitor vars were being missed in named widgets referencing another named task via Perform Task
  • catch exceptions reading data from SD
  • action Lock: passcode was getting encrypted when it shouldn't after some exceptions
  • orientation sensor values were being checked much more frequently than necessary
  • allow deletion of apps-no-longer-on-system from app context (and show ? icon)
  • accelerometer monitoring was producing (harmless) warning after screen timed out and was turned on quickly
  • check action conditions for variables that should be monitored
  • instant profiles: when 1st task deleted, move 2nd into it's position
  • Display Rotation, Sound Effects, Haptic Feedback weren't working at all (for several versions!)
  • don't enable wifi for Wifi Near state/Wifi action if tether active
  • null values back from plugin were causing exception (again, sorry)
  • include action conditions and all parameters when exporting profile to clipboard
  • Location Edit: circle shown on map (and context radius!?) didn't always match specified radius size
  • action Go Home: wasn't passing Launcher Pro's home screen number correctly
  • app detection: timeout after a while if app not there (2.2+, was already 2.1+)
  • variable %LOCTMS: workaround fixed GPS / system time difference
  • changes in %CELLSRV were not dynamically updating state Variable Value/ event Variable Set
  • catch timer widget having been deleted at update time (e.g. due to there having been no space on screen)
  • state Media Button and another state in same profile would usually cause an error message
  • some bugs with profile import (catching error conditions)
  • handle proxy start failure better
  • stop leaking media scanner service when inserting picture in gallery after a Photo action
  • Photo actions: reimplemented Prefs / Action / Camera Delay so doesn't freeze up with longer delays
  • catch, warn and truncate SMS > 160 characters
  • TTS could be left unreleased if service killed
  • GPS timing: GPS likely using much more power than necessary
  • another plugin bugin
  • variables in event context strings were not being replaced before the match
  • variable prefixes were replacing unset longer variables names in the same match
  • catch crash leaving camera preview when just about to take picture
  • check we're still running before showing dialogs, subactivities
  • catch empty or non-positive numeric fields in prefs
  • missing icon for date/time event category
  • removed (harmless) error message upon rotating built-in icon select screen
  • ignore cell id GSM:65535, reported as coming when switching 2G->3G sometimes
  • time edit/timer config: numbers set purely via keyboard are now picked up when clicking Done (actually: workaround for Android bug)


  • changed to ASE to SL4A (min version r3)
  • profile list: name-related dialogs now have word-capped input format
  • exclude Tasker dock activities from app selection
  • exporting task header description: only show non-default values
  • JuiceDefender: don't include version code in tag extra
  • action conditions LHS can contain an expression, not necessarily just a variable name
  • record Tasker-discovered location data in case user disables provider before asking for variables
  • profile list, task options help, 2nd enter task of instant profile now has it's own help text
  • changed many event text input formats to mixed case (so matching is caseless)
  • adjust wifi near timeout dynamically based on difference between last result time and timeout time
  • Wifi Near: Menu / Prefs / Monitor / Wifi Timeout -> Wifi Minmum Timeout
  • removed event category Network, added 3rd Party
  • Phone Call, Call Divert/Block/Revert: change input formatting so variable can be accepted
  • Back hardware button acts more uniformly accross all screens
  • dialog actions(popups, passphrase, lock etc) do not block non-dialog actions of equal or higher priority
  • Say/Say After do not block other non-say actions of equal or higher priority
  • simultaneous wait/wait untils handled much better
  • fiddled with auto-brightness
  • use new PhoneStateListener API for signal strength for API >= 7
  • widgets are scanned for monitor variables as soon as they are created
  • variables Caller Name and SMS From Name default to sender number if contact lookup fails
  • init logging for Alex's laggy startup
  • factorized state, event, action edit screens
  • prefs: confirm dialog pops up when exiting settings if a lock code has been set
  • don't allow creation of a widget without an icon selected
  • importing one profile: if a referenced task name exists, point at the existing task instead of refusing to import
  • profiles always imported collapsed
  • try and set wifi state even when wifi manager reports current state unknown
  • time edit: added labels to clarify range when from/to not selected
  • action Say: default to Media stream, warn on other streams (beep during phone call problem)
  • the status of locked profiles cannot be manually changed via Profile Status
  • mark 3rd party actions as unavailable when package not on device

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