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As of Tasker v5.5 - The new "Tasker Net" File Sharing System:


As of Tasker v5.5 you can now Export Tasks/Profiles/Projects "As Link" and it sends your share-able file up into the new Taskernet System. This system is hosted on Tasker's developer's servers. It is basically a cloud storage system just for Tasker files, and all the exporting/sharing and returning a share link to you all happens from inside Tasker!

When exporting "As Link" - Tasker will ask you to provide a description that will be seen by anyone looking to Import it later on. You can use HTML formatting in your description, and even include some small images. (The description section is also a good place to mention any plugins required for your Profile/Task.)

After that Tasker will confirm the file was uploaded into the Taskernet system, and prompt you if you just want to copy the sharable link to your clipboard, or send it via text or email, etc.

(Note in Tasker it may show the checkmark as if changes were made, and this is because the Taskernet description is saved with your Task locally, so you don't have to enter it every time you'd like to upload/share the Task again with updates or changes).

Now that you have your direct Taskernet link - send it to whomever you'd like to share your Profile/Task/etc with! Or post here on reddit, etc.

To see and manage all your current Taskernet shares and do things like quickly get the link again or delete a share(s) - just login to the Taskernet website.


To Import a file into Tasker that is shared/hosted on the Taskernet server - simply click on the Taskernet link you receive from someone or that is posted here on reddit, etc, Note that Taskernet links begin with https://taskernet.com/shares/

When the link opens on your device - you will see a Summary Screen. (You can also paste the link directly into any browser url field on your device and it will begin the process just the same.)

Then just click Import on that Summary Screen. A confirmation popup will appear. Here you will also be given a chance to view a general description/outline of the Task before you decide to import it if you would like.

After that just click OK/yes and the file will Import into Tasker. It's as simple as that!


The following information and suggestions apply to Importing Tasker files from anywhere on the web, and have always been in effect, and are not specific to just this new Taskernet system.

In fact the new Taskernet system is the safest yet since it allows you to VIEW DESCRIPTION of what you're importing before you import it into your Tasker.

Anyways, for safest importing, it is recommended that prior to Importation - you disable Tasker either from the Main Menu or from its Quick Tile. This is a simple one-click operation.

And this gives you a chance to complete the Import of a Profile/Task and look at every action/condition of it in your Tasker GUI to see if there's anything in there you may not want to be running on your device, before it runs.

Once you deem everything to be satisfactory - simply re-enable Tasker through the Main Menu or its Quick Tile.