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Tasker: Privacy Policy

Background Location

With Tasker your privacy is secured.

Tasker needs to use your location in the background to be able to perform various location related automations. For example, you can setup a profile that changes your ringer volume whenever you are in a certain location. You could also check your location in a task and send it to your partner for example. Tasker will never share your location with anyone and will never need this permission for any other purpose other than to help you automate whatever you need based on your location.

Other Topics

  • The developer does not know anything about the customer except what is given in the Google Wallet payment details. That data will not be used by the developer except for accounting and tax purposes, where required by the relevant tax authorities.
  • Tasker does not, to the best of the developer's knowledge, send any data, anywhere, unless it is requested by the user e.g. sending an automatic SMS.
    Possible exception: the developer has no control over the data which Google may collect when Tasker uses Google services e.g. for some forms of location
  • detection.
  • Tasker is not part of any ad or statistics network.
  • Tasker uses the BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission in its manifest but it is only used to provide ability to lock the device in situations the user specifies
  • If you sign in to your Google account using Tasker (to import projects from Taskernet, to use Google Drive integration or any other reason), you'll share your name, email address and profile picture with Tasker. However, Tasker's developer will not keep any of this information. This info is used as follows:
    • Taskernet Imports: used to authenticate your request to find out that you're a legitimate Tasker user making the request to import
    • Google Drive: used to access your Google Drive files and folders so they can be manipulated by Tasker and so that Tasker can automatically backup its setup if the user enabled it.
  • If you decide to share data to Tasker's server as described here, further policies apply, described here.

Update 20150424: mention Google services.
Update 20170527: mention BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission.
Update 20180116: removed description of developer's moral position
Update 20180801: added data share policy
Update 202101012: added background location policy