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Release Notes

Android 5.0+ Devices


  • New Keyboard action! Simulate keyboard keys. Allows you to navigate app's UIs (using the arrow or tab keys for example) and interact with inputs in other apps! Demo.
  • New Navigation Bar action! Totally customize the bottom navigation bar with custom icons and commands (on supported devices). Demo.
  • New NFC Tag event and action! Allows you to react to NFC Tags and write data to them! Demo.
  • Tasker and App Factory now target API 26 (Android Oreo). This doesn't mean that the apps will stop working on older devices. Just that they are now more inline with the latest Android best-practices.
  • Added launcher adaptive icon
  • Added Notification Channels for all created notifications (user and system). Disable the ones you don't want to see in Android Settings.
  • For user notifications, a default notification channel will be generated for existing notification actions
  • New option in menu: Create Debug Log so that users can more easily send the developer a log with for issue they're having with an optional video and audio capture to make it easier for the bug to be found!
  • When manually backing up data, also give option to backup to Google Drive
  • Added JavaScript functions for new actions since I took over development.
  • Added MD5 option to Test File


  • Run some initializations in the background so that startup should be a lot snappier now.
  • Running in foreground is now mandatory on Android 8 devices and above.
  • If Notify action texts is > 30 chars, use expandable notification so more text fits
  • Only upload file to google drive if existing file is different and if user selected "overwrite if exists"
  • Added stack trace to custom setting errors
  • Tell user that they need to change notification settings via the System settings to hide Tasker's notification
  • In order to avoid multiple situations of the app freezing a lot of work is now being done in background threads
  • User must now associate a companion devie on Android 8 or above so that Tasker can manipulate notification categories and create different notifications each time.
  • If screen is off last available clipboard contents will be used if needed.
  • App -> Services condition now uses android.permission.DUMP and android.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS permissions so that it works in Oreo
  • User has to accept Tasker agreement before he/she can import stuff from Taskernet


  • Don't show app chooser when composing email from task
  • Allow using global variables in Custom Setting conditions
  • Ask for location permission when getting location in location selecting screen
  • Fixed parsing date time in some situations
  • Fixed formating of decimal math results in some situations
  • Add Write System Settings permission when using the Ringtone action in kid apps
  • Made Widget Icon action be compatible with local variables
  • Fixed screen being reported on after being turned off on some devices
  • Fixed Interrupt error when setting custom setting in some situations
  • Fix bug with custom setting state condition where sometimes latest state would not be considered
  • Fix bug with Seconds to Date Time conversion


  • Background service detection can sadly no longer work due to technical reasons.