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Release Notes

Android 5.0+ Devices


  • Custom Setting action. Allows you to change/read any Global, Secure or System setting via a simple UI
  • manifest permission WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS: enable via adb command - adb shell pm grant net.dinglisch.android.taskerm android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
  • action Input/Lock Screen (Android P+)
  • action Input/System Screenshot (Android P+)
  • icon color is now respected in the various Notify actions
  • Power Mode can now be toggled
  • Stay On action now supports wireless charging
  • Toast reminding to try "New Cell API" if scanning is not working for Cell Near


  • Fixed root detection with Magisk
  • Fixed Wifi Tether action
  • Fixed %TETHER variable
  • Now asks for permissions as soon as you start editing a state, event or action that requires special permissions
  • Fixed Tasker notification text not changing when setting the foreground option via Tasker action
  • Fixed crashes associated with missing permissions
  • Fixed Tasker crashing if changing volume with Do Not Disturb enabled and no notification access
  • Fixed crash: menu > more > developer options > save data definitions
  • Fixed launching app as a new copy
  • Fixed kill app with root


  • Call Plugins via Services if possible. Will make compatible plugins faster and more reliable.
  • Ask for root when trying to add an action that requires root and cancel if it's not granted.
  • Made Torch action available for all devices running Android Marshmallow or above.
  • Made Take Call action available for all devices running Android Oreo or above.
  • Moved to runtime permissions (Android 6+). Will now ask for needed permissions when your Tasker data is saved (main app tick or backing out of Tasker).
  • Made Power Mode action work with Secure Settings permission.
  • Changed how Kill App with root works to make it more reliable
  • Notifies user whan an action without the needed permissions is ran
  • Made user notifications not show in a group so they don't bundle with the persistent Tasker notification
  • Removed unnecessary log when plugin adds a replace key for unexisting key
  • Changed help pages to tasker.joaoapps.com
  • Changed warning toast to have black text
  • App now built by João Dias for the first time so I want to check if everything's working with my build script :)