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Release Notes

Android 5.0+ Devices


  • Added Any Sensor event and state and Test Sensor action and Sensor Info action. Demo here.
  • Added way to fully customize Do Not Disturb mode when turning it on with Tasker. Demo here.
  • Added List Dialog action that allows you to show a list of items, select one or multiple items from it and get the selection back to the task. Demo here.
  • Added Text Dialog action. Demo here.
  • Added Contact Via App: allows you to interact with your contacts via third party apps, like video-calling through Whatsapp or Skype, or navigating to them via Google Maps. Demo here.
  • Allow Tasker Secondary app to be triggered by URLs like tasker://secondary?text=hello&other=hi where every parameter will be made available as a Tasker variable in the triggered task. Demo here.
  • Added action to Control WireGuard tunnels in the Tasker Function action. Demo Here.
  • Added Event filter in File Modified event so that it can trigger only on specific file events. Demo Here.
  • Added Wait For File Event function to Tasker Function action so that you can wait for example for a file to finish writing. Demo Here.
  • Added Query option to Do Not Disturb action
  • Added option in Test Net to get your phone's Wifi IP Address
  • Allow for Secondary App Opened, Music Track Changed, BT Connected and Any Sensor events to add conditions based on their local variables right in the event configuration
  • Allow File Modified event to work with variables in the File Modified field
  • Added %evtprm() to the variable list in actions that are in a profile that has an event condition
  • Made moving projects left and right easier by asking how many positions you want to move the project instead of having to move 1 by 1
  • Added Use Cookies option in HTTP Request action which will automatically keep and use cookies for websites, allowing you to stay signed in for example
  • Added Continue Task On Error option to Get Voice action
  • Added Get Sims function to Tasker Function action
  • Added Stop Vibration action to Tasker Functions
  • Show Your First Project video tutorial if you have a lot of profiles/tasks and only 1 project
  • Added Your First Project video to Tasker menu
  • Added option to rename Task in the menu of the Task edit screen itself
  • Added advanced search for Events, States and List Dialogs (including variable select and other Tasker ones)
  • Added tip about List Dialog action when using the Menu action


  • Changed %evtprm(1) for File Modified event from the path that is being monitored to the path of the actual file that changed
  • When you use the alert() function in Javascript it will now use the new Text Dialog
  • Changed how ADB Wifi is checked before running an action that needs it so it works better
  • Made searching Action list even easier by allowing partial matches on each word
  • Made cancel option in Task edit screen always visible
  • Make "Input Dialog" and "Text Dialog" able to receive newlines in its configuration directly
  • Made Draw Over Other apps notification show current app name (instead of Tasker) on kid apps


  • Fixed long standing File Modified Event bug where sometimes it would break is some situations.
  • Fixed sending email to support with bad-formatted text in some situations
  • Fix situation where in the "ADB Wifi" action if you let it enable debugging sometimes the action would fail
  • Fixed "Follow Redirects" option in "HTTP Request" action which was always enabled independently of what was chosen
  • Fixed Dark Mode detection in some cases
  • Fixed taking screenshots on Android 10, shouldn't show the prompt on the screenshot anymore
  • Fixed HTTP Request action when a gzipped response was gotten. Now automatically unzips it
  • Fixed automatic redirections in HTTP Request action in some cases
  • Fixed issues with clipboard getting while in the background
  • Fixed using Launch Last App action with Tasker Secondary
  • Fixed Task rename dialog inside Task edit screen when you enter an invalid value
  • Fixed Tasker being blocked in some situations when using Map related scene actions
  • Fixed Tasker crashing if you cancel the helper dialog in "Any Sensor" conditions
  • Made Get Sims action in Tasker Function action request the READ_PHONE_STATE permission
  • Added Biometric permission to kid apps if needed
  • Fixed bug that said that wrong type argument when editing the Calendar Insert action
  • Fixed bug where sometimes if you changed your phone's orientation at the wrong time it could cause app checking to stop working
  • Fixed bug where converting time to seconds and back to time could result in wrong value
  • Fixed some variables being inadvertently changed with javascript actions
  • Tried to make Tasker only check for root access if root actions are used
  • Fixed some crashes