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3rd Party Coverage of Tasker

Tasker app review [androidappsforme.com]

As you can see, the application's capabilities are simply stunning, and it's not for nothing that Tasker is called the best service for automation.

"Your Android will do what you dreamt it would" [androidzoom.com]

This app should come preinstalled on every Android.

Tasker For Android: A Mobile App That Caters to Your Every Whim [makeuseof]

When it comes to device automation, there's just one 900-lb gorilla in the Android space, and that's Tasker.
App Of The Day [Short interview with developer]

Der Androide vollautomatisch: Tasker [tamspalm.de]

Fazit: Tasker ist ein sehr maechtiges Werkzeug zur automatischen Steuerung von Android Geraeten.

Tasker - Den beste Android-applikasjonen? [dinside.no]

Vi er rett og slett "blown away".

Tasker Review [androidrundown.com]

If you buy one app for your phone, buy the Tasker app.
This app changes everything I thought I knew about my Android phone, and after hours of playing with it, I strongly recommend that every 'power user' purchases it.

Tasker Review [pcworld.com]

The bottom line: Tasker is a utility on steroids. It provides far more options for automation than any other app on the Market, and it is well worth the price.

Review: Tasker (Android) [pocketpicks.co.uk]

Tasker - Totale Automatisierung fuer Android! [androidpit.de]

Fazit: Tasker vom Funktionsumfang einfach nicht zu toppen! Eins der besten Apps, die ich bis jetzt kenne!
This Android app's up to the Tasker [dailyrecord.co.uk]

If you're anything like me, you'll like your gadgets to do exactly what you want them to do, the way you want them to do it, when you want them to do it.
This is why I think those of you with Android phones will like Tasker...

Create Your Own "Find My iPhone" for Android [lifehacker.com]

Tasker - An Android Nerd's Dream [robotbriefs.com]

How To Turn Your Android Phone Into A Fully-Automated Superphone [lifehacker.com]

Android application Tasker gives you total rules-based automation for your Android phone.

Push Your Automated Android To Awesome Heights With These Tasker Setups [lifehacker.com]

Below, I've rounded up four more awesome Tasker workflows and explained how to browse and install pre-made Tasker profiles from the Tasker wiki.

locale VS Settings Profile VS Tasker [prupert.co.uk]

Overall, if I had to choose one, it is Tasker, which is the one I am currently using. It seems to have the most potential, the dev has lots of ToDos which all seem interesting and it is the most flexible. This isn't to say the other two aren't great, both locale and Setting Profiles are powerful good apps, I just prefer all the options that Tasker gives me. So, thumbs up to Tasker.

Tasker [Der Standardleitweg]

Tasker ist eine DAS passiert DANN Maschine. Man kann verschiedene Dinge ausfuehren wenn etwas bestimmtes passiert. Fuer beide Seiten (Ursache und Wirkung) stehen so ziemlich alle erdenklichen Moeglichkeiten zur Verfuegung. Das kann etwas ganz simples sein wie eine Warnmeldung oder Ton wenn der Akkustand unter einen bestimmten Level faellt.