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Home Automation In Tasker

There are several ways that you can control your home automation setup with Tasker.


Tasker 6.2 introduced the Matter Home Automation actions.
These actions provide direct home-automation support without the need of any third-party services.
You can add your devices and control them in Tasker directly this way, but they have to support the Matter standard.

Home Assistant

Setup Tutorial
By installing Home Assistant on your PC/Mac/Raspberry Pi etc, you can then import this project into Tasker to be able to control your home automation setup from Tasker.
This allows you to control any device in your home as well as receive status updates from the devices in Tasker. For instance, you can trigger a Tasker profile when a light turns on in your home.
This is by far the most comprehensive solution that gives you the most dynamic and complete control over your home automation, but you do need to have Home Assistant running on your home network.

AutoVoice Alexa Integration

You can use AutoVoice to easily trigger Alexa routines from Tasker so you can control your home automation devices that way.
You don't need to have an Amazon Echo for this to work and can get it up and running in 5 easy steps.
This has the advantage of working even if you're outside your home network, if you wish, but isn't as flexible as the other options.

Here's a handy comparison table between the various options.

Matter Home Assistant AutoVoice Alexa Integration
Initial Setup Process Very Easy Hard A few steps, but easy
Setup Process For Each HA Device Very Quick Very Quick Slow
Flexibility Very Flexible Very Flexible Limited
HA Device Compatibility Only Matter Devices Anything Home Assistant Can Control Anything Alexa Can Control
Need Third-Party Services
Can Use Outside Home Network *
Can Use Tasker Variables For Dynamic Control
Can Trigger Tasker Profiles With HA Events
* only if you setup a VPN, port forwarding or use Home Assistant Cloud.