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Release Notes

30/10/2010: v1.0.11


  • UI Improvements


  • look in all subdirs of DCIM for new photos, not just Camera
  • replaced Torch action
  • added left/right gestures on profile list for switching views
  • added profile dragging for bin and tabs, and rearrangement if sort == user
  • added several sorts
  • added customizable user tabs view for categorizing profiles
  • added drag-and-scroll to action list in task edit
  • prefs / UI: profile auto-collapse mania
  • prefs / UI: animations
  • icons for some menus on profile list screen (and added to built-in selection)
  • transparent icon to built-ins
  • auto-backup profile data to SD when trial ends
  • state edit: Cell Near: added Recent button to catch transitory cells
  • Prefs / UI: added options whether to show profile enable/options buttons in list when profile collapsed
  • Prefs / UI: added sub headings
  • enable Juice Defender action when JD beta is installed
  • couple of context icons were missing from the built-in selector
  • 3rd Party / Screebl event


  • math expressions with - and no spaces were not evaluating
  • profile list/task edit: make sure newly created/imported items are in the visible part of the list
  • maths: A - B - C was giving A - ( B - C) instead of ( A - B ) - C
  • another attempt at fixing action Lock code encryption problem
  • catch having no location providers when starting location context edit
  • direct version: release code wasn't working
  • replace variables in string state parameters
  • redid detection of alarm packages (was too tight)
  • null values when logging plugin bundle contents
  • event contexts with Stop checked were stopping the event even when disabled
  • variables in menu labels weren't being replaced
  • catch (groundless) exception from Android when turning screen off while Photo action being carried out


  • action edit: a variable button is now shown next to the text field it will insert in
  • action edit: a choose button is present to replace the long-click on text fields method
  • all profiles have a title bar
  • separated profile options out to an icon when profile is expanded
  • view selector in menu
  • some preparations for localization
  • took out cancellation of auto focus after checking for camera, was causing crashes on some devices
  • Prefs / Monitor: selection of Tasker notification icon
  • Prefs / Monitor: took out 'Hide Notification Icon', select transparent instead
  • restrict Lock code to length 8 if it isn't already more than that
  • backup to SD: don't generate encryption keys unless actually needed for the content (time-consuming)
  • action Goto: upped max to 50
  • prefs: only restart/redraw etc things relevant to preferences that changed
  • customized notification pulldown layout
  • Profile Properties: cooldown now specified with a dialog, range much greater
  • calibrate proximity values while reading them
  • changed action drag method: dragged item stays where it is until finger release
  • center profile list on newly cloned profiles