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Release Notes

20/11/2010: v1.0.13


  • improved UI for task management
  • lots of new variables


  • profile list: Menu / More / Run An Action
  • state Unread Text
  • variable last text subject, for MMS only (%MMSRS) (monitored)
  • Received SMS: new parameter text type
  • variable %NTITLE, last notification title (dynamic, monitored) (not cupcake)
  • variable Roaming (%ROAM)
  • variable Telephone Network Operator (%TNET)
  • variable Phone Number (%PNUM)
  • variable Speakerphone (%SPHONE)
  • variable Muted (%MUTED) (microphone)
  • variable Display Timeout (%DTOUT)
  • variables Called Name, Number, Date, Time, Duration (Out) (dynamic, monitored)
  • tip to go to the forum with repeated crashes
  • event Button Widget Click: button type 'Other' (needed to catch notification Clear button)
  • directly catch OOM loading/saving data in UI
  • added: Menu / Prefs / UI / Language (one entry :-))
  • popup on UI start for OOM crashes
  • check availability of all integer android settings (haptic, sound effects etc) at initialization
  • umbrella to catch and log all exceptions, written to file /sdcard/Tasker/crash.txt
  • profileify.com link under Browse Profiles
  • Moto Blur, Nightclock (Donate) alarm clock (event Alarm Clock/Done)


  • selecting all months or days gives correct error message
  • action/component intent: extras with : were not being handled correctly
  • brightness was not immediately restored after Auto-Brightness disabled
  • Display Brightness actions created before 1.0.12 didn't have the Immediate Effect parameter set
  • profile list: task option to add a task to an instant profile was showing wrong icon
  • more dynamic sensor setup dependent on needs (fixed problem with %LIGHT popup)
  • don't allow selection of %LIGHT if no light sensor on device
  • wasn't catching running activities who didn't have the package name as a prefix
  • action Send SMS: truncation of too-long SMS messages was still leaving the message slightly too long so it wasn't sent
  • profile list: icon of 4th context in profile was too big
  • renaming things in general, wasn't selecting previous name in text box
  • wifi near: was scrapping whole check when tethering active, not just the wifi toggle
  • task edit: changed colours and focus highlighting
  • event Notification was allowing Tasker to be selected as owner, but Tasker-generated notifications are ignored anyway (corrected docs on that point too)
  • task edit/profile list: was scrolling immediately when long-clicking item top or bottom of list
  • restoring brightness and auto brightness at same time, ordering was sometimes wrong
  • in a profile with a time context and any less power-hungry state context, if the non-time context went active while the display was off the alarm would not get set to trigger the time context.
  • leaving Profile List via Back could result in long-press reaction from launcher


  • changed: be more aggressive disabling wifi after Wifi Near toggled it
  • don't check range of wait action parameters specified by variable (so can e.g. specify 600 secs rather than needing to split it up into mins etc)
  • implementation of Received SMS radically changed
  • Received SMS -> Received Text
  • SMS XXX variables -> Text XXX variables
  • moved task import to Menu / Profile Data
  • check deletes in task edit screen if specified in prefs
  • can't delete a profile-referenced task (until references are deleted)
  • handle MMS with Received Text
  • export profile to clipboard: specify anon instead of just a number if task/profile has no name
  • some userguide tidying up
  • changed: task edit list scrolling was jerky
  • changed: check relevant receiver available for Scan Card action
  • finished preparation for localization
  • changed: state/action/event edit: resize entry window when soft keyboard comes up
  • some built-in variables went dynamic
  • notify actions, number parameter, manual range is 0-99, variable max is unlimited, but > 3 digits don't fit in status bar well
  • change: don't allow anonymous widgets/shortcuts
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