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10/02/2010: v1.0.18u1

  • icon selection from SD card was crashing
  • installed ipacks were not showing for selection after a reboot
  • icons from SD shouldn't be selectable as notification icons

10/02/2010: v1.0.18


  • Adaptions for Android 2.3
  • Market-downloadable icon packs which can also be used with notify actions


  • 3rd Party action Office Talk
  • 3rd Party action JD Status (Juice Defender)
  • 3rd Party event Pomodroido
  • new manifest permission WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS for auto-sync
  • two new Manifest permissions for JuiceDefender toggle
  • handle String [] in plugin bundles
  • action Mobile Data 2G/3G (Cyanogen only)
  • permission CHANGE_NETWORK_MODE (Cyanogen only) for 2G/3G switching
  • developers: TaskerIntent.getTaskSelectIntent() to show task selection dialog
  • added warnings for system/sd logging about sensitive data
  • Prefs / Misc / Low Memory Notification
  • event Zoom Click for upcoming Widget Designer
  • action Zoom / Zoom Element State for upcoming Widget Designer


  • alarm clock/done events for Gingerbread
  • locked profile could be disabled / properties accessed
  • Lock-on-start wasn't coming up for market version
  • UI lock: treat text entry display as password
  • catch Android exception from missing ringtone
  • fix auto-sync on 2.3, possible other versions
  • Torch wasn't working on Nexus S
  • package name was wrong for Astrid action
  • action Ringtone: wasn't handling internal URIs in recent Android versions
  • array index problem coming back from some plugin edits, fixed ? if not, anyone send me a log ?
  • saved location fixes to survive reboot were causing crashes sometimes dependent on format
  • Android was giving weird verify errors on update sometimes, tried a workaround
  • selecting from some list dialogs in non-English would sometimes choose wrong item (thanks Rafa :-))
  • Astrid action fix


  • user-tab icons can be set from any available icon, not just builtin
  • tidied up UI passcode entry box
  • developers: calling tasks requires permission net.dinglisch.android.tasker.PERMISSION_RUN_TASKS
  • show File Magic in recent tasks list when called from Tasker
  • mark GPS Status action as unavailable on Gingerbread (access removed by Google), excepting CM7.
  • mark Phone / Radio, Take Call, Silence Ringer actions as unavailable on Gingerbread (access removed by Google)
  • Mobile Data (not APN) uses a new method for 2.3+
  • mark Turn On action as unavailable on Gingerbread
  • set application/x-www-form-urlencoded explicitly as default HTTP request content-type
  • log matching calendar event titles for debugging
  • 'unknown number' (and case variations) become 0 for purposes of incoming call variable
  • Vibrate Pattern: 0 accepted for first value to start vibrating immediately
  • action Display Timeout: no maximum on a variable-source value (e.g. 10000 seconds accepted from a var)
  • catch exception from calendar getting next event time (Desire HD Android bug)