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Release Notes

30/03/2010: v1.0.20u3

  • bugfix: %WIFI/%WIMAX selection and use

29/03/2010: v1.0.20u2

  • bugfix: state Variable Value var select dialog was bugged
  • change: selecting a variable for Variable category actions: flash when no user variables instead of showing empty dialog

29/03/2010: v1.0.20u1

  • bugfix: showing menus from widgets wasn't working

29/03/2010: v1.0.20


  • Russian UI (not userguide) translation (thousand thanks to Arslan Aliev)
  • German UI (not userguide) translation (thousand thanks to Ludwig Hubert)
  • CPU action for battery-saving / performance (some modified ROMs)


  • 3rd Party event, Radardroid
  • grey default status bar icon for Gingerbread+ (thanks Craig!)
  • 3rd Party event Gentle Alarm (v3.1.0+)
  • 3rd Party action Gentle Alarm (v3.1.0+)
  • 3rd Party event Reddit Notify
  • action Media / Media Button Events
  • Dpad/Type: Repeat Times parameter
  • variables %CPUFREQ, %CPUGOV
  • event Alarm Clock: detect Samsung's alarm data prefx (for alarm label)
  • show user variables at top of variable selection dialog (where appropriate)
  • dialog for installing Zoom when accessing Zoom action category
  • action ComponentIntent: target parameter (e.g. to allow starting of sub-activities)


  • Element Colour action wasn't working
  • Spanish variable translation: some selected variables were inserting the wrong code
  • whitespace now handled by Type action
  • variables weren't being replaced for Type action
  • cancelling notifications wasn't possible after a reboot/crash
  • location edit: disable and uncheck buttons for unavailable location providers
  • don't show builtin variables in Variables actions where a user-variable is required
  • help text was wrong for Vibrate On Notify
  • %MTRACK wasn't updating for new track with Music Play Dir
  • ipack workaround for pre-Froyo ROMs
  • some problems with ipack querying were causing Tasker crash
  • Zoom element actions: wasn't replacing variables in first field
  • UI: don't update locale language if already set correctly
  • Notification Click: wasn't working on Gingerbread
  • named tasks launched from widgets, Collision Handling property was not working for Abort Existing


  • UI translation refresh for all languages
  • use just 'modversion' or 'GINGERVillain' in /system/build.prop for root detection
  • detect GPS control possibility by attempting toggle instead of ROM version
  • drastically improved profile data reading speed / memory usage
  • HTTP Get/Post increased max data length to 100K, rest is now truncated
  • max Flash length limited to 4k
  • warn the first time user tries to run a task with Test which contains a (currently) unmonitored variable
  • wifi sleep policy: 'Screen Off' -> 'Default' (actual effect varies by ROM version)
  • change: catch android Webview bug, causing crash on startup for some Froyo users