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Release Notes

11/10/2011: v1.1.1u2

  • bugfix: menu tasks: large icons were disrupting layout
  • bugfix: creating a new named task via widget configure, task didn't run till data saved via main UI
  • bugfix: exiting UI via cancel, then save after all, was not giving monitor new data
  • bugfix: Perform Task: subsequent invocations of same task were using the same temp data
  • bugfix: during a restart monitor could sometimes generate false warnings about cooldown times

04/10/2011: v1.1.1u1

  • bugfix: editing existing named task, deleting all actions, add action, rotate, accept action, was causing UI disaster
  • bugfix: Zoom Element Colour: UI was not accepting valid colours
  • bugfix: Zoom Element Colour: execution didn't work either :-)
  • bugfix: menu task: diff geom icons were messing up grid
  • bugfix: icon selection: icons of different sizes could mess up grid formatting
  • bugfix: crash from %MTRACK monitoring in some situations
  • bugfix: allow expressions in slider-replacement vars in action edit again
  • bugfix: all-numeric variable names were being treated as local
  • bugfix: variable editor was accepting local variables names with +

01/10/2011: v1.1.1


  • action Test File (replaced by action Test, backwards compatibility is maintained)
  • variables %FDIR, %FMODS, %FNAME, %FSIZE, %FTYPE
  • action List Variables (superceded by variable editor in UI)
  • Set Clipboard for Honeycomb devices (pending ammendment for new API)


  • action category Task, moved several Tasker actions there
  • Menu / More / View Run Log
  • new maths parser inc. bracket support and lots of maths functions. Operator precendence may have changed, specify with brackets if in doubt
  • File / Remount (root only, only /system ATM)
  • action Perform Task: two fields for parameters to give to the target task as local variables
  • action Perform Task: return variable field to place return value in (see Flow Control for more info)
  • action Task / Return
  • app contexts: FAQ entry for app detection and tip linking to it in the UI
  • block collapsers, movement of whole blocks when collapsed
  • task-local variable support: variables with all-lower-case letters are only visible in the current task, existing all-lower-case names have their first letter capitalized for backwards compatibility
  • %MTRACK: support built-in Music app (all devices?), Power Amp, Phantom Music Control Pro
  • action Button: added search
  • action Misc / Test
  • action Setting Dialog / Power Usage Settings
  • action Task / Else
  • actions For/EndFor (iterative loops, see action help / Flow Control in Userguide for more info)
  • array slices (%ARRVAR[1:3] etc), see Variable Arrays in the Variables section of the userguide
  • actions Array Push, Array Pop and Array Clear
  • action File / List Files
  • task edit: block indentation and colour marking
  • task edit: red/green marker for status of action conditions
  • mod (remainder) operator for maths expressions (%)
  • actions in an execute-type task can also have a label
  • action Goto: accept also label, loop start/end, if end
  • task edit screen: menu options toggle action label/toggle param label/action type icon
  • variables SIM Serial Number (%SIMNUM), SIM State (%SIMSTATE)
  • temporary app detection logging
  • action Misc / Run Shell
  • action action parameter: 'continue task on error' for many actions, let me know if useful for other actions
  • action Variable Convert: new parameter Store Result In
  • state: Cell Near: support for scanning of neighbouring cells (only on some phones, seemingly not Samsung)
  • when adding a location context to a profile, allow selection of a previously created location
  • profile export options: email xml/description
  • events Alarm Clock/Done: added LG clock package (experimentally)


  • Perform Task: parent launching a child with higher pri could continue running before child arrived in queue
  • action condition: large left-hand-side was crowding out rest of condition
  • update existing widget priorities when the preference changes
  • time picker on MIUI ROM
  • action Test: show var picker for all, don't show chooser for var length
  • Variable Convert: 'Seconds to Date Time' was giving Time Date
  • Variable Convert: Name is now a required parameter
  • Variable Convert: rounding of bytes to MB/GB now takes into account localized decimal point character
  • Take Call, Radio, Silence Ringer: show available on modified ROMs if Tasker is installed in /system/app
  • don't try BT backwards compatability code for SDK < Eclair
  • Say: consecutive Says with continue immediately, second would block
  • going to prefs monitor tab but not selecting anything was stopping monitor service on prefs exit
  • action edit: parameter-specific changes were clearing condition fields
  • action/state/event edit: with text field selected and keyboard out, changing a slider was scrolling to text field
  • menu task with just icons layout was messed up
  • event Variable Cleared wasn't allowing built-in dynamic vars
  • handle a couple of null values passed as an external call
  • prevent selection of Query Action when ... Querying an action or with Menu / More / Run An Action
  • tips and some other popup texts had bad formatting
  • state Light Level: wasn't handling 0 very well
  • action parameters with colour specification weren't accepting variables
  • Prefs screen wasn't obeying user-selected orientation
  • don't reload monitor if data save failed on UI exit
  • action Set Timezone: massage Etc/ entries to give the expected result
  • %CELLID: sometimes clear notification wasn't sent
  • event Missed Call: was firing sometimes when > 1 existing missed call hadn't been acknowledged
  • CPU: don't mark as unavailable when there are 2 cpus and cpu1+ can't be validated
  • various passcode dialogs, set the text input box explicitly to single line
  • UI Lock: after reboot, widget configure activity could be started without lock code
  • UI Lock: exiting UI didn't always reset lock
  • Variable Join: joiner wasn't having variables replaced


  • Perform Task and monitor reload efficiency improved dramatically
  • inserting variables, goes to cursor/selection rather than end
  • action label supports simple HTML markup, also as menu label
  • Variable Add/Subtract: accept (and round) non-integer variable values, result is an integer
  • preference Profile Activation History -> Run Log, changed filename to runlog.txt and added task status logging
  • settings help dialogs were showing HTML tags
  • auto-show soft keyboard for several text entry boxes
  • better Goto parameter validation
  • took out UI character auto caps for variable fields
  • %MTRACK, Music Play Dir: use ID3 title where available
  • state Cell Near: recent cell IDs list: show youngest first
  • allow absolute file paths in file actions (/data etc)
  • file browser can go back to root dir (defaults to SD still)
  • don't show indexed vars in UI var selector
  • tweaked descr export of If action
  • don't allow action condition for End actions
  • show action labels in action list
  • state edit: Cell Near: recent cell IDs list: mark whether already included in state or not
  • action Variable Split: clear all existing indices before doing the split
  • refreshed flow-control, action edit, task edit userguide pages
  • subtasks with higher priority and in a wait now block their parent task
  • action Browse URL: default to scheme http if none detected
  • include orphan tasks when searching for variables to include in the variable editor, variable selector
  • sort user var list in variable selector
  • developers: changed TaskerIntent.java to support passing local task parameters (see addParameter(String))
  • Tasker/tmp -> Tasker/cache/tmp, write .nomedia when created
  • CPU: diagnostic instead of warning for some log messages for CPUs > 0