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Release Notes

04/03/2012: v1.2.1u1

  • bugfix: if data load fails, fallback to empty data instead of crashing
  • bugfix: quotes in the names of some things could prevent Tasker loading data
  • bugfix: catch couple of dialog scene crashes
  • bugfix: Variable Set with append: was not dealing correctly with the variable not already having a value
  • bugfix: attempted fix and more logging for Wifi set sticking on Flyer
  • bugfix: action Menu: scene could extend outside display boundaries (and so wouldn't scroll)
  • bugfix: text-based scene elements: tweaks for zoomed and preview text-wrap mismatch
  • bugfix: button scene elements: weren't centering properly
  • bugfix: further reduce chances of a task sticking in queue due to just-beginning wait

26/02/2012: v1.2.1


  • integrated Run Log viewer, real-time updates
  • include actions in Run Log
  • added PureWidget K9 variation package name
  • Test Element: added Continue-on-Error parameter
  • Run Log: when tasks stop due to service stopped (e.g. Tasker turned off), log as status ExitKill
  • Prefs / UI / Item Drag Margin (especially for Adam)
  • menu scene element items draggable from margin
  • Menu / More / Developer / Write Device Capabilities
  • 2 new builtin icons: private and public
  • (currently invisible) preparations for community portal
  • scene list: destroy menu option for created tasks (not in beginner mode)
  • action For: items parameter ranges can contain variables e.g. %start:10:%step
  • scene elements: long-click option: Initial Focus
  • actions: Variable Query, Enter Key: give initial focus to text box by default
  • actions Menu/Popup/PopupTaskButtons/EnterKey/VariableQuery: Show Over Keyguard parameter
  • action Show Scene: extra Display As type: Activity, Full Display, No Title
  • text scene element: Text Format parameter (see help text)
  • flag warning for System Lock when device manager not enabled
  • updating from pre-1.2: set long-click and click action preferences to new defaults
  • constant border round scene in preview mode (some scenes not visible otherwise...)
  • workaround for data initialization bug in SVOX
  • action BeyondPod: added 3 speed-setting commands
  • listen for BeyondPod playback status intent (for %MTRACK)
  • action Scene / Test Scene
  • continue on error parameter for Say/Say To File
  • Total Screen Control compatibility based on Screebl API
  • attempted workaround for ICS shell problems (Input category actions etc)


  • &,<,> in scene names caused data crash
  • showing a scene with some elements initially hidden would cause crash
  • updated ipacks for ICS (fix vibration bug, improve pulldown look)
  • Variables tab long-click option Clear All was crashing
  • main screen: dragging up through + button was showing variable tools in non-variable tabs
  • project tab deletion: fadeout animation was snapping back at end
  • import files for first time not downloaded by Tasker, wasn't creating relevant import dir
  • popup task buttons default scene was allowing deletion of buttons
  • deleting scene: was counting all scene references, not just references to the scene-to-delete
  • deleting scene: was counting references internal to scene only
  • elements with a background tab: element contents were overlapping border
  • text elements with scroll enabled: whole background was scrolling instead of just text
  • slider scene element: Test Element, Value was returning wrong value
  • slider scene element: Test Element, Value: pick-up user-set values
  • 'task running' indicator in Task Edit screen: was not turning off correctly with some actions (e.g. Music Play)
  • action Menu: cloned item layouts weren't being resized on display
  • action Clear Array: name was not supposed to be optional
  • Show Scene wasn't working with a builtin menu scene
  • main screen, bin row wasn't always highlighting properly while dragging
  • action Due Today: parameter wasn't displaying correctly
  • state BT Connected: don't trim whitespace from selected name, might prevent detection
  • errors from scene element list selection mode None
  • on rotation, scene larger than display wasn't being resized to screen size properly
  • on rotation,scene element focus was being lost
  • actions Dpad/Type: variables weren't working for Repeat Count parameter
  • datadef export: maxversion tags weren't completed, missed icon args version
  • scene editor could occasionally leave orphan anonymous tasks in the data
  • scene editor: pasting a copied element was not cloning anon tasks
  • show scene: if scene was already created of a different type, was failing with errors
  • show scene: switching an already-showing scene from dialog to overlay was failing
  • volume set events for %VOLR etc: ignore if previous and current values are the same
  • Menu action: menu scene wasn't being dismissed if not menu entries had actions assigned
  • minimize chances of timing issue where new task arrives just as old about to execute
  • various sizing problems with landscape orientation
  • attempted fix for honeycomb repeatedly-updating permanent notification problem
  • Menu scene element: element edit screen: switching from background tab to items tab could cause crash
  • crash in some instances from timing issues destroying scenes while it's still in process of being shown
  • attempt to catch elusive crash around map element control and updating
  • action Element Map Control, when mode Set Zoom allows variable
  • task with action Show Scene with variable name for scene was getting stuck after showing scene
  • state Cell Near: getting neighbouring cell data was failing
  • scene elements actions immediately after Show Scene could cause exception
  • catch crash from testing wimax state on some devices
  • try catch crash for unknown reason from language initialization
  • Show Scene: flash error when trying to show disallowed elements in overlays (instead of crashing...)
  • possible crash initializing Set Light action
  • Scene Edit: after deleting a MapView, adding one to the scene was crashing
  • action Array Pop from global variable to local variable was failing (and possible vice-versa)
  • Lock scene: initially was too wide for some displays and could cause zoom problems
  • exporting scene element descriptions: don't include builtin tasks
  • Text Width Scale % wasn't working correctly for Button / TextEdit elements
  • actions Read Line / Read Para: wasn't accepting local var for Line/Para parameter
  • task description export, action labels weren't mentioned
  • multiple user events for display off or on were handled poorly internally
  • concurrent modification exception bug was cropping up occasionally
  • creating, initializing then showing an overlay display was losing the initialization
  • catch any exception from config and import parsing
  • undo was crashing when it caused removal of an element which was focused
  • scene element text stroke event wasn't responding
  • edit texts were not wrapping for text-based input types
  • increased TTS timeout to 10 seconds
  • increased element and scene frame thickness
  • strip spaces from variable array index expressions (catch %arr(1 ))
  • changed Roaming Settings action name to Mobile Data Settings
  • Perform Task: changed %par1 and %par2 parameter labels
  • scene element button: pad text to avoid going over button side
  • scene element text: small padding to avoid touching edges
  • don't trim whitespace from match patterns or their targets for Variable Value and action conditions
  • all non-array actions except join in the variable category now allow specification of format %arr(1) and %arr(%index)


  • volume set events: not reported if at max/min and so didn't change
  • use trash icon for deletion in menus, instead of red cross
  • improved look of several builtin scenes (delete existing builtin scene in Scenes tab to regenerate)
  • project icon now exported with project
  • Run Log preference control moved to the Run Log viewer
  • Hide/Destroy Scene: if it doesn't exist, doesn't stop task
  • slider scene element: allow some extra margin at the side for large thumb icons
  • scene import/export: include tasks immediately referenced by scene
  • action Get Voice: workaround for Android not-notifying-on-cancel bug
  • Menu / Data / Save Definitions -> Menu / More Developer
  • datadef.xml includes action/state plugins currently on device
  • datadef.xml parameter definitions include optional stipulation
  • datadef.xml parameter definitions include default privacy stipulation
  • use app context for speech/music play, attempted fix wakelock problem some have
  • record scene, task and project creation dates
  • task import: importing tasks with same name and creation date as existing, overwrite instead of rejecting
  • scene list: show created tasks with green text instead of a star icon
  • menu scene: changed example item
  • moved datadef.xml (and new capabilities.xml) to meta/ subdir
  • don't manually recycle bitmaps on ICS+
  • show state Invert flag in Beginner Mode
  • autobackups: don't write human-readable version anymore
  • action Show Scene: relabelled Overlay, Blocking, Full Display to Overlay, Blocking Full Window on ICS+
  • action CPU: took out import restriction
  • dialog/activity scenes: with a non-secure keyguard, no need to swipe after interaction
  • Scene text element: 'Allow Scrolling' parameter is now called 'Vertical Fit Mode' and has an extra 'Reduce Text Size' option
  • Popup/Popup Task Buttons scene: text squashed to fit by default
  • default scene background colour is mostly transparent
  • scene edit: use system wallpaper as background
  • action CPU: accept variable for governor parameter
  • element event stroke: increased default Length parameter, was interfering with Tap on same element
  • cope better with user resizing menu scene item layout scene
  • TextEdit scene element / action Test Element: use text box value instead of stored value