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Release Notes

07/01/2012: v1.2


  • scenes: user-designed graphical interfaces, displayable as overlays, dialogs or full activities
  • projects: for grouping profiles, tasks and scenes
  • main screen tabbed into profile, tasks, scenes and variables
  • fixes for ICS


  • %SILENT: values were being translated in foreign-language localizations. It now always return on,off or vibrate, as documented
  • action Lock: passcode must be all digits, old codes with non-digits will result in lock not showing
  • profiles/tasks exported with 1.2 cannot be imported via previous versions


  • profile list context selectors (sort profile list by context type is an alternative)
  • profile list profile options icon (long-click now)
  • action Torch not available on ICS


  • Prefs / UI / Hide Status Bar
  • Prefs / UI / Beginner Mode (mainly: hide advanced options)
  • action category Scene
  • use any local media image as an icon in many places
  • task edit: action options dialog: insert,copy,paste etc (on long-click by default)
  • multiple task export options
  • include last edit date in saved (not exported) data for Tasks,Profiles and Scenes
  • tasks: multi-level warning icon for bad references to profiles, other tasks, scenes, plugins, apps, icons and scene elements
  • states: multi-level warning icon for bad references to plugins
  • file-based icons can be cropped
  • task cloning
  • action Test: package name
  • 3rd Party action: DailyRoads Voyager
  • added object versions to data definition export
  • independent locking for tasks, scenes, projects
  • action Menu (replacement for menu tasks)
  • action Popup Task Buttons (replaces Popup Task Names and Popup Task Icons), with extra task slot
  • profile properties: show in notification (not clicked, just counted)
  • landscape-specific version of main screen
  • attempted non-intrusive workaround for Cell Near-not-working-while-off
  • external callers: specify arbitrary local names and values
  • condition plugins: allow specify local vars to make available to resulting tasks that run
  • back button to file selector
  • Apps / Set Alarm and associated Android permission SET_ALARM


  • a profile with an event context and then a non-repeating time context was interpreted as 'not instant'
  • menu tasks: large icons were disrupting layout
  • prevent widget creation while main UI active, could cause data loss
  • Text events/states: stop warning if there are no MMSs in the DB
  • 1.6 compatibility
  • center list on new profile wasn't working
  • exporting of task descriptions: action condition was repeating action name
  • prevent import of anonymous tasks not linked to profiles or scenes
  • numeric variable indices with local vars were crashing in task edit
  • location edit: long-click on map registers *before* finger is removed
  • Default Ringtone: accept Silent in UI
  • monitor was restarting sometimes nnecessarily after exiting prefs
  • remove all whitespace before maths evaluation, they were sometimes choking up the maths library
  • event Package Updated/New Package: was crashing on later OS versions
  • colour parameters weren't accepting #FFFFFFFF
  • action Variable Query: cancelling led to failure to continue task after all subsequent showings
  • task editor was crashing sometimes on else/endif constructions without a matching if
  • action For: 5:3 was only showing 5.
  • action For: ignore 0 increment specifier
  • action For: 5:2:1 and 2:5:-1 do nothing
  • action For: 5:5:1 shows 5
  • action Variable Convert: bad time format was causing crash
  • %LAPP: was crashing. Maybe still is, but probably less :-)
  • task editor: dragging items after a collapsed block to the bin was deleting wrong item
  • event Received Text: don't show Stop or Priority flag, they doesn't work
  • CPU detection bug could cause crash during Tasker initialization
  • actions Compose SMS/MMS/Email: weren't always giving choice of selecting default app
  • action Music Play Dir: some extra pointer checking
  • action List Files: dir now mandatory
  • action Variable Clear: match was not working correctly for local vars
  • clipboard functions (export, %CLIP, action Set Clipboard) fixed in Honeycomb+
  • new ICS keyevent Play supported for Media Button state
  • new ICS keyevent Pause supported for Media Button state (treated as Stop)
  • action Variable Set: no name specified: task-local vars (of current task) are cleared too
  • catch infinite answers in maths evaluation
  • removed annoying message for event Received Text
  • state Calendar Entry fixed for ICS
  • action Calendar Insert fixed for ICS
  • action edit: changing slider position was causing auto-scroll to focused edit text field
  • action Wifi Tether on ICS wasn't detecting state correctly


  • improved lock indicators for UI
  • more efficient internal data handling, may overcome too-much-data problems for some people
  • event Alarm Clock: use alarm description field to match event 'Name' if it's present in the event
  • drag for main screen and tasks: drag starts immediately without long press
  • profile list click/long-click: now respects same settings as context/tasks
  • default profile list click action is edit, default long-click is options
  • dramatically improved Task Edit load time and draw speed
  • prefs screen: switched away from native tabs for MIUI compatibility
  • task export moved to main screen
  • exported tasks now have TaskerData wrapper container (like other exported objects)
  • action Perform Task: accept global vars for return value (and handle them....)
  • Variable Split: don't trim whitespace from ends of resulting parts
  • Default Ringtone: show current ringtone initially
  • Call log states/event: respond a lot faster
  • action Lock modified to use an overlay layout scene, much more effective
  • actions Popup, Variable Query, Enter Passphrase, Popup Task Icons/Names modified to use scenes
  • data file: write tags in sensible alphabetic order
  • action Lock: passcode must be all digits
  • Popup actions: timeout extended, potentially forever
  • popups/scenes that the task is waiting to finish are removed when the task is killed
  • list drag-scroll takes place without having to jiggle finger :-)
  • list drag-scroll: up/down indicators disappear at list ends
  • action Array Pop: now supports popping to global (user) variables
  • widget task default priority to 7
  • Zoom actions prefixed with word Zoom to distinguish from Scene actions
  • several (imperfect) workarounds for Android ICS notification/component-status-change bug
  • shortcut menu label is now 'Task Cut' to differentiate from widgets in ICS
  • refreshed de/zh/fr/es on-device translations