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Release Notes

14/01/2012: v1.2u2


  • spurious variable clear warning removed
  • was warning about plugin edit activities with icons instead of those without (oops)
  • scenes shown as activities weren't completely filling background window with their background colour
  • pre-ICS custom notification: adapt some text characterisics to system values
  • text element: allow scrolling: was adopting wrong size sometimes
  • state plugins passing variables: variables bundle wasn't being detected
  • action Get Location: was allowing variable for timeout in UI but not handling on execution
  • added text-received vars to dynamic list for selection
  • selection dialogs for dynamic vars wasn't including user globals


  • show scene: Dialog types: don't show any native decorations, window is totally transparent
  • show scene: Blur Behind: not available on ICS, changed to Dim Behind Heavy
  • post-ICS custom notification: use ICS-style layout, workaround for background bug

12/01/2012: v1.2u1


  • action Show Scene: parameter 'show exit button'
  • variable tab: updates in real time
  • tip about TeslaLED when Torch is unavailable


  • removed spurious warning message after cloning task
  • Variable Length was return variable instead of its length
  • widgets with app icons: icons for some apps were not displaying
  • scene element actions weren't allowing variable names
  • scene names weren't allowing variable names
  • cloning scenes: anonymous tasks weren't being duplicated
  • profile properties: display conditions for some parameters were messed up
  • HTTP Get: on ICS was always POSTing
  • builtin scenes were getting bad button backgrounds when displayed
  • scene edit: positioning/resizing elements: buttons weren't going to scene edge
  • scene edit: opposite side was occasinally jumping during resize
  • slider element: was crashing upon returning to scene edit
  • oval element: border was filling whole shape instead of just edge
  • menu scene crash, cause unknown, bit now caught and reported
  • scene element event Stroke was not working without a Tap event also being set
  • profile list, toggling enabled state, next touch on list was dragging items
  • removed various sources of the warning 'getEntity: bad type: xxx'
  • userguide help for slider element was missing
  • Honeycomb 3.1+: newly-downloaded ipacks were not available for use even after reboot
  • action: element back colour: was causing exception for some element types
  • oval/rect element: userguide doc was corrupt
  • rotating task edit view lost all changes made to the task (and sometimes put UI in a mess)


  • Menu Element: item configuration: selecting Load/Kill app or Peform Task fills in app icon and label
  • allow renaming of base project
  • updated some es translations and main page of userguide
  • ICS+: don't cache app icons for widgets (was a workaround for earlier Android bug)
  • AccessibilityServer bind warning -> diagnostic
  • Map Element: action Test (value): returns the current displayed coordinate if available in preference to the last set coordinate
  • Popup Buttons: clicking text doesn't dismiss (but builtin scene can be changed to do that)
  • Menu / Browse Profiles -> Menu / Browse Examples
  • speeded up scene resize, don't resize too-big elements until resize finished


  • Menu / Profile Data / tasker-profiles.de (site unmaintained)