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Release Notes

09/08/2012: v1.3.1


  • JellyBean fixes
  • AutoRemote plugin: control your phone from a website or another phone


  • app creation: permission READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for several actions
  • accessibility service: permission BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE on service if SDK >= 16
  • action Play Ringtone (probably others): action edit UI setup was presetting values when not required
  • removed Tasker-status-bar-icon disappearing workaround, Android bug fixed in JB
  • action Tether USB made unavailable
  • made actions Vibrate on Ringer and Vibrate on Notify unavailable (they have no effect in JB)
  • set priority of Tasker permanent notification to low by default, lowest when transparent icon is selected
  • extra priority arg to Notify actions
  • workaround for Android bug, Accessibility Service not working after install or reboot
  • app creation: workaround for above bug, based on Minimum Android Version in kid config, see App Creation in Userguide


  • state Cell Near: Ignore Cells parameter
  • tip after cancellation of profile export options: exporting as app
  • action Stop: optional task name parameter (very experimental)
  • scene element Web View: parameter Self Handle Links
  • support for new SDK 5 service start API
  • selector for 'essential plugins' in action and state Plugin category


  • some Android versions: app creation: permission error at prepare package step
  • action Clear Variable: wasn't allowing patterns not starting with %
  • most variable actions: don't accept a range like %var() or %var(1:3) as a valid variable name
  • goto: landing on a For action was causing the counter to reset, now has no effect on counter
  • app creation: profiles starting disabled, set enabled dynamically, were redisabled after reboot
  • action Set Tasker Icon: wasn't updating status bar icon if custom notification layout was used
  • app creation: action Speakerphone: was missing needed permission
  • action edit screen, action Misc / Test, Package Name, magnifying glass wasn't working
  • kid config: changing from not debug to debug mode was not adding extra needed permission (and vice versa)
  • app creation: was missing WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission needed for unpacking SL4A scripts
  • app creation: GPS action requires ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission on at least some devices
  • don't mark named task references as bad in UI if the reference contains a variable
  • string parameters containing variables in state contexts: activation state dynamically rechecked when variable value changes
  • creating a MapView in a Popup etc action layout scene would cause crash when editing the action
  • Take Photo: just warn about unsupported resolution, take account of possible variable specification in UI
  • Take Photo: accept resolutions with reverse portrait/landscape sizes
  • Take Photo: spurious warning for some cameras
  • action Delete Dir, possible null pointer when specified directory empty on some devices
  • action Read File: To Var was not accepting single array refs
  • Scene Element Menu: with selection mode Multiple, wasn't running tap event task if specified
  • Scene element event tasks, %element_type and %event_type had each other's values
  • Scene Element Menu: wasn't updating when items deleted from array or variable value changed
  • action Array Popup sends a cleared broadcast for the array name
  • disallow file/dir actions that can use root from being called externally
  • app creation: Say/Say To File: don't treat 'default' as a literal speech engine
  • attempted bugfixes for several developer-console-reported errors
  • action Take Photo: don't try to auto-focus if camera not in auto or macro focus mode
  • Menu / Data / Restore was restoring all profiles as enabled, whatever they were saved as
  • was releasing camera resource twice after Take Photo, problematic for some ?
  • pre-Gingerbread: was occasionally setting camera rotation in bad range
  • action Take Photo was unavailable for devices with only front camera (e.g. N7)
  • earlier Android versions: transparent icon with custom layout was showing default icon in status bar
  • deleting a task by dragging with confirmation disabled would not update UI and cause later problems
  • exception loop exiting after use of Get Location in some situations
  • wasn't picking up new or deleted plugins
  • app creation: bug recognizing running services. Amongst other symptoms, Disable action wasn't stopping monitor


  • removed post JS task continuation delay
  • action HTTP Post: send non-file non-form data (unencoded) whatever mime type
  • action Variable Split: speeded up dramatically, stopped broadcasting changes for the relevant array parts
  • improved startup time for Take Photo action editing by caching camera (slow on some devices)
  • allow Take Photo more max time before continuing task
  • action Run Shell: accept Timeout from variable with value > 120
  • action Variable Convert: Date Time to Seconds: handle AM/PM time spec on end


  • settings/action selector in action code select dialog