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Release Notes

04/11/2012: v1.3.2u1

  • bugfix: event: File Modified: directory wasn't working, now triggers on file create/delete/movein/movout of dir
  • bugfix: timer task: wasn't triggering when display off
  • bugfix: scene element backgrounds: weren't dynamically updating if a colour was a variable
  • bugfix: scene element params with array index spec %Col1 weren't updating when %Col was changed via Variable Split
  • bugfix: variable references like %Col(1) weren't functioning for scene element colour params

02/11/2012: v1.3.2


  • Menu / Prefs / Monitor / Cell Workaround, defaults to false
  • %CALS: newline-separated list of available calendars
  • action Set Tasker Pref: added some boolean preferences
  • profile properties: Enforce Task Order option
  • action Media Control: Play, Honeycomb+, defaults to Toggle Pause on earlier devices
  • variable Time MilliSeconds (%TIMEMS)
  • Menu / Info / Online Guides
  • action Say/SayToFile: support for locale 'default' which chooses the language for
  • action Say/SayToFile: fill in default values for Engine:Voice parameter: default:default
  • action Send SMS: support for long (multi-part) SMS
  • action Variable Convert: To Lower Case, To Upper Case, To Upper Case First
  • enabling/disabling of individual actions in a task
  • action Astrid: Act.fm sync
  • handle (global) variables in scene element parameters referring to colours (Text,TextEdit,Button,Oval,Rectangle)
  • variable Device Telephony ID (%DEVTID)
  • scene element TextEdit / action Variable Query: extra Input Type: Pass Code
  • action Open File: optional Mime Type parameter
  • action Anchor, does nothing
  • state: BT Status (on/off)


  • removed: %LAPP and action Load Last App (broken) marked as unavailable


  • Play Store version, preferences changes would stop sticking after a while
  • action Take Photo: catch errors from camera
  • app creation: show scene with non-overlay type was crashing when displayed when keyguard showing
  • menu elements: was not executing default item action after timeout if certain (real or virtual) keys were pressed
  • HTTP Post: posting a file wasn't working
  • HTTP Post: don't remove SD prefix from Data / File parameter
  • JavaScript: set base URL of file:// to enable cross-site requests
  • app creation: adding custom manifest permissions was causing crash on accept
  • action Set Tasker Pref: was always returning with error and stopping task even on success
  • scene edit: returning from first element edit of new scene crashing on some devices on some occasions
  • bitmap memory leak in scene-edit pre-ICS some devices on some occasions
  • scene element names with : were causing problems
  • sometimes clicking a link in a WebView scene element could crash
  • Is Set, Isn't Set conditions: handle single-slice array references e.g. %arr(%index)
  • JS: function Say: default to system language before Tasker UI language
  • app creation: SL4A script extraction from kid was failing on some devices / some file extensions
  • scene element position: wasn't immediately updating visually if animation time was 0
  • scene element size: wasn't respecting animation time
  • scene element position/size: blip at end of animation hopefully removed, though could be SDK-version sensitive
  • shifting project tabs with animation pref disabled was bugged
  • JavaScript: var declarations without a value were being missed (var xxx;)
  • action Record Audio: don't limit direct-entry max value
  • JS: functions returning success/failure were always returning false
  • Take Photo wasn't replacing local vars for file path and pic size args
  • JS: locally defined arrays were causing post-script crash
  • Timer Task: update when display comes on
  • action Media Control on Honeycomb+ with simulated button: use dedicated Pause keycode
  • Create Scene then Set Element Position/Size was crashing
  • Run Log: don't complain when storage not mounted
  • Set Tasker Pref: was not allowing boolean settings
  • deleting scenes referring to other scenes with anonymous tasks could cause unwanted loss of those tasks
  • action Load Image, was not handling URI specification correctly
  • condition variables from plugins, bundle was being cached and reused if no values were given next time
  • state Orientation: turning display off and moving to in-between orientation was keeping context active
  • action End Call was not working in kid apps (missing permission)
  • action Delete File: don't warn if file not there and Continue On Error checked
  • external storage path being replaced in middle of file parameters, not just at start
  • action edit screen: external storage path replace only if has trailing slash (i.e. in /mnt/sdcard/... but not /mnt/sdcard-ext/...
  • action Disable: if Tasker UI main screen showing, uncheck enabled button
  • action Variable Search Replace: wasn't handling single array references in Variable parameter
  • action Display Timeout: wasn't working in kid app (permission problem)
  • action Run Shell: wasn't reading command output correctly (mangling non-ASCII chars)
  • action Open File: upper case file extensions weren't being handled well in some cases
  • calculated builtin variables (e.g. %TIME) now count as always 'set'
  • app creation: wasn't analysing actions in menus for necessary permissions
  • don't show var selector for file events (not handled)
  • prevent toasts triggering Notification event in later Android versions
  • don't complain about missing max freq file during CPU probing
  • app creation: spurious error about missing storage related to SL4A scripts
  • %select_indices was returning indices starting at 0 instead of 1
  • empty scene task parameters (%select_indices etc) was leaving the old value in the scene variables
  • menu scene element: Single selection mode wasn't changing selection status


  • Array Pop and Array Push send variable change broadcasts, but only for the specified array position
  • plugin actions/state show their icon in the Plugin category, task edit screen, context list
  • check and fix bad task references after data loads
  • Timer Task: use red to signify paused
  • Timer Task: update more frequently when display is on, only at end when off
  • Scene Element actions: allow Scene and Element names specified with variables in any position
  • tasks from the same profile (and their kids) always execute in time order (for handling rapid profile state changes, note instant profiles task specification order is now relevant)
  • Array Clear sends clear broadcast for the array name (e.g. to trigger update of Menu elements)
  • Take Photo: only acquire partial wakelock (no display) when Discrete checked, excepting eclair devices (device specific problem ?)
  • Run Log: don't show multi-sequential Wait/WaitUntil entries caused by temporary interruption of the Wait by an event
  • HTTP Get/Post: timeout parameter now also applied as connection timeout (not just data-read)
  • more exception catching around CPU probing
  • when a task dies, any children it spawned are inherited by it's parent, if it has one
  • GPS: Get Location and Location context: accuracy has to be the same or worse twice in a row before fixing is terminated (instead of once)
  • Variable Search Replace: don't trim Search and Replace params, whitespace may be part of expr.
  • Variable Search Replace: Search and Replace With parameters, variables are replaced
  • \%var is replaced with %var whenever variables are being replaced in a string
  • \\%var is replaced with \ then the contents of %var whenever variables are being replaced in a string
  • action Scene Element Text: don't trim whitespace from Text argument
  • text related scene elements and actions, Zoom Element Text Size, decreased min text size to 8
  • Vibrate On Ringer: available again in JB thanks to workaround
  • state Profile Active / Task Running: each new selection appended with / (in UI)
  • image action args: when switching to text box specification, fill in uri of previously selected image