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Release Notes

20/07/2012: v1.3u1

  • bugfix: false warning message when setting display brightness
  • bugfix: action Set Tasker Icon was allowing (unused) uri spec for the icon
  • bugfix: app creation: if only one named task is present, was not auto-filling it as the launch task sometimes
  • bugfix: JS: sendIntent(): wasn't passing data field
  • bugfix: %FOTO was using dcim instead of DCIM
  • bugfix: Take Photo: double check white balance, flash mode and scene mode are supported before setting
  • bugfix: Take Photo: catch exceptions when setting parameters
  • bugfix: regular expression matching in conditions: match on any part of target, not necessarily whole target
  • bugfix: action: JavaScript: task wasn't waiting until JavaScript finished

18/07/2012: v1.3


  • create your own standalone apps from tasks and projects (Android 2.3+)
  • JavaScript integration: sequenced inline in tasks, embedded in WebView HTML (Android 2.3+)
  • most Tasker actions available as JS functions (Android 2.3+)
  • masses of other additions, improvements and bugfixes


  • action Run Shell: Store Result In parameter
  • Take Call available for Gingerbread+
  • prefs option Net/Cell Wake Screen (optional workaround for screen-off-no-updates problem)
  • action cat Script
  • action Script / Javascriptlet
  • Market version: clicking on action with missing plugin, show install popup with Market link
  • event / Button Widget Click / Type: Launcher (only standard Android currently)
  • ContentProvider so developers can query existing named tasks
  • developer: TaskerIntent.testStatus(), updated examples in HTML doc
  • developer: ContentProvider for task names and some prefs values
  • action Variable Section: parameter Store Result In
  • developer: TaskerIntent.getExternalAccessPrefsIntent to let user enable external access easily
  • detect problems in event tasks of scene elements and indicate higher up in UI
  • data version field in data files 'dv'
  • event: 3rd Party / NotifyMyApp
  • Menu / More / Make A Donation
  • matches Regex and Doesn't Match Regex to action (and Variable Value state) conditions
  • variable Root Available (%ROOT)
  • HTTP Get/Post: https:// and http:// supported in Server:Port parameter
  • HTTP Post: Data: allow file specification in place of attributes (untested)
  • action: Net / Airplane Radios
  • variable Airplane Radios, %AIRR
  • check for SuperSU when deciding root status
  • action File / Read File
  • state Sensor / Pressure (requires relevant hardware sensor, untested (no hardware available))
  • variable %PRESSURE (requires relevant hardware sensor, untested (no hardware available))
  • action Take Photo: Resolution, Flash Mode, Scene Mode, White Balance parameters
  • action Variables / Search Replace Variable
  • action Copy Dir
  • actions Move/Copy/Delete File, Create/Delete Dir: added Use Root parameter
  • contact photos selectable for images in some places (ICS+)
  • a variable can now be specified for action image parameters
  • action Misc / Test: Contact Photo / Thumb URI
  • new action category 'Image'
  • actions Image / Load/Save/Rotate/Resize/Crop/Flip Image
  • Image Buffer selectable for images in some places (related to Image category actions)
  • Monitor prefs: Monitor Accel/Prox/Pressure/Light sensors when display off (no, when plugged, yes)
  • variable Input Method (%IMETHOD)
  • task edit: long-click on empty list brings up dialog with Paste (if an action previously copied)
  • Send Intent: Mime Type option
  • Send Intent: can use Action and Package/Class together
  • HTTP Get/Post: added optional Cookie parameter
  • HTTP Get/Post: returned header fields are stored in local array %header
  • state categories: Display, Tasker
  • state : Display / Display State
  • state : Display / Display Orientation
  • state : Tasker / Profile Active
  • state : Tasker / Task Running
  • event Email Received: added To parameter
  • event category Tasker
  • event Tasker / Monitor Start
  • variables Calendar Title/Descr/Loc (%CALTITLE, %CALDESCR, %CALLOC)
  • action Test: new types: Calendar Cal,Title,Descr,Location,Start,End,AllDay,Busy
  • action Get Location: Keep Tracking parameter
  • action Stop Location: stop tracking
  • action Test Scene: Horizontal and Vertical offsets
  • action Tasker / Set Tasker Icon
  • action Music Play: extra parameter Stream
  • action Calendar Insert: All Day parameter
  • action Variable Convert: To and from Base64
  • action Variable Convert: To SHA1 and MD5
  • action / Call Log: action parameter (clear missed etc)
  • android permission Write Contacts (to enable clearing call log)
  • state Magnetic Field (strength), variable %MFIELD
  • allow 3 states per profile instead of 2
  • action For: Items parameter supports following array variable specifications: %arr(#), %arr(#>), %arr(#<), %arr(>), %arr(<) e.g. 1:%arr(#)
  • action: Tasker / Set Tasker Pref (monitor timings etc)
  • action: Scene / Element Text Size
  • Menu / More / Developer / Save JS Library Template
  • profile properties: Restore Settings checkbox
  • action Alert / HTML Popup
  • scene element WebView: params Mode, Allow Phone Access
  • scene element WebView: JS interface to Tasker functions
  • action Script / JavaScript
  • app creation: packaging of JavaScript scripts (and run straight from APK)
  • 3 or 4 icons to builtin selection from Tasker UI
  • action Image / Filter Image
  • variables Device ID/Manufacturer/Model/Product (%DEVID, %DEVMAN, %DEVMOD, %DEVPROD)
  • variable SDK Version (%SDK)
  • action Sound Record: added audio codec and output format selectors, default format now mp4
  • prefs section Prefs / Misc / Factory
  • Menu / More / Developer / Create/Delete Keystore
  • action Test: test types: Action/Event/State available, Have Root
  • task/project long-click option Export / As App (requires Tasker App Factory, Android 2.3+)
  • catch security exceptions for some ROMs from intent category ALTERNATIVE
  • Export / As App for tasks and projects


  • Calendar Entry and other low-power state: on other state active, calendar wasn't being immediately checked
  • jumping with Goto was not clearing in-between For loop status
  • poweramp: after pause, %MTRACK was only staying cleared for a few seconds
  • rectangle scene elements: with multiple, a 'focus' tap was required before the real tap would register
  • catch crash on SonyROM/ICS from Cell Near scanning
  • Tasker icon was not shown when selecting an app icon for an image
  • fix for all-day calendar event GMT offset
  • %MTRACK: wasn't handling playback-complete signal from Android music player
  • action Element Visibility: setting false without a delay wouldn't have any effect till redraw
  • datadef had missing entry
  • action Say To File: workaround for bug in some pre-ICS Android versions deleting file on TTS shutdown
  • another attempted workaround for cell-near-not-working-with-screen-off
  • several monitors were not being restarted after a reboot until screen was unlocked
  • deleting a project contents could result in profiles with no tasks in other projects
  • don't show problem icon for missing builtin scenes
  • disabling and enabling a profile with an active orientation context would not reactivate it
  • beta: scene/profile export options were sometimes mixed up
  • importing scene with bad data format was crashing instead of complaining
  • Take Photo: save to DCIM, not dcim
  • Day Context: validation was slightly bugged
  • colour validation was not accepting #80000000 (and possibly some others)
  • text/image scene element: stroke event wasn't triggering unless a tap handler was also specified
  • action Photo: misspelling of Discreet
  • scene element button: bad image references were not being noticed
  • action Lock, parameter Code: don't show var selector
  • unzip: handle files in dirs which havn't had their directory unpacked yet
  • action Enter Key (also via En/decrypt Dir: was crashing upon reaching timeout
  • beta: Load Image: don't show Image Buffer as source
  • some situations were causing the monitor to activate even when disabled
  • Variable Length wasn't working with array indices
  • add element: keep Paste element on top instead of alpha-sorting it
  • certain actions (e.g. Compose SMS), contact selector was replacing number instead of adding to existing number(s)
  • Show Scene: check offsets in range
  • variable monitor in UI wasn't deregistering on exit


  • actions taking a colour/elementname parameter name allow single-array-index references e.g. %arr(%index)
  • Cell Near states with variable in spec will dynamically update if variables change
  • refreshed es/fr/zh translations
  • data file size cut by approx 30%, 50% for internal data and app creation
  • data load time reduced by approx 30%, more for internal data and app creation
  • data write times improved by approx 80%, more for internal data and app creation
  • data file readability improved
  • action Call: number is now optional so action can be used to go straight to dialpad
  • action Zip File: also handles directories recursively
  • show main-screen export options in beginner mode
  • export builtin scenes when exporting project (may have been changed...)
  • plugin package details are stored so they can be referred to when plugin is missing
  • inserting variable names into action text params, append instead of replacing if ends in (
  • %NTITLE: ignore new notifications Tasker can't find the title of
  • removed documentation references to a certain competing product
  • %HTTPL: if the server doesn't return a value, calculate our own when possible
  • %HTTPD: upped max length to 250K
  • variable %GPS is now monitored and dynamic (Gingerbread+ only)
  • merged Photo actions into single one (Take Photo)
  • action cat Audio -> Audio Settings
  • Default Ringtone -> Audio Settings category
  • merged Send Component Intent and Send Action Intent into Send Intent
  • Send Intent: can specify package without class (not cupcake)
  • state Incoming Call: became Call and handles also Outgoing
  • HTTP Get/Post: user-agent in header now includes OS version
  • prevent use of Element Web Control from external caller (security)
  • don't show developer menu option in beginner mode
  • default popup size
  • Zip File -> Zip, Unzip File -> UnZip, Music Forward -> Music Skip
  • mark missing images with warning sign instead of leaving blank
  • action Disable Tasker -> Disable
  • action Send SMS: reduced max chars limit to 140.
  • state Variable Value: allow array references (where applicable to operator parameter)
  • moved actions Run Script, Run Shell to new category Scripts
  • action Run Script -> Run SL4A Script


  • android.permission.RECEIVE_SMS, not used anymore (hopefully...)