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Release Notes

14/06/2013: v1.6u2


  • using %arr(#?key) in an actions If parameter LHS crashed on return to action list
  • (attempted) action Type and other shell-based: IllegalThreadStateException (and catch error in case not fixed)
  • action Set Widget Icon: uri specification of icon wasn't working
  • action Go Home: wasn't handling variables for Page parameter
  • action Variable Convert: number base conversions were working with integers instead of long integers
  • removed spurious 'no wait data for Proxy Group' warning arising from some actions when disabled
  • scene map element: satellite and traffic overlay options were mixed up
  • was accepting whitespace for Lock passcode


  • device have root if su present
  • Dpad raised timeout to 8 seconds
  • action List Files: sort results alphabetically
  • state Cells Near: increased text box lines to 16

31/03/2013: v1.6u1

  • bugfix: selecting a scene was crashing the Play Store version

28/03/2013: v1.6


  • state Power: option Wireless
  • compat with new Global settings class for relevant variables (Airplane Mode, Airplane Mode Radios)
  • higher res launcher icon for xhdpi displays
  • action Run Shell: parameters Store Errors In (stderr), Store Output In ( stderr, replaces previous 'Store Result In')


  • Office Talk: wasn't allowing selection of status for Set Availability mode
  • changing task names wasn't changing referring actions correctly
  • Run Shell: wasn't writing international characters correctly
  • action List Files: Variable arg was being replaced, led to bad var names
  • media player completion-signalling disruption
  • stop exe thread looper on thread exit where needed
  • Take Photo: screen going off while writing/scanning image was leading to 'cancelled' state
  • attempt to fix Play Ringtone stopping after short time intermittently
  • some states when in the same profile were monitoring simultaneously
  • state Light Level: throttle sensor update reaction to once per 2 seconds
  • HTML Popup: wasn't replacing variables
  • Search: wasn't picking up variable names in action conditions
  • App Factory: action Notify Vibrate: needed permission wasn't being included
  • data loading: was crashing on well-formed XML that had certain attributes missing
  • app export: export initialization was failing under memory-starved conditions
  • bugfix: app select: was showing Tasker's dummy docking activities


  • launcher icon refresh
  • added: object version check during load, displays details of data incompatibility instead of just 'failed to load data'
  • Run Shell: may return output lines even when the command exited with a non-zero result code
  • don't broadcast %QTIME changes, happens with every action, very limited use, preparation for local var
  • Task Edit: kill button shows when a Play Ringtone action is still in effect, and stops the playback
  • switch to UTF-8 for url encoding/decoding (non-western language support)
  • action Run Shell: Store Result In now refers to the result *code*
  • action Run Shell: small efficiency improvement, don't collect stdout unless requested
  • refreshed fr,es,zh translations, thanks for your work guys


  • Profileify 'Browse Examples' entry (site gone)