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Release Notes

28/03/2013: v4.0


  • changed UI to holo style with choice of 4 themes
  • around 200 builtin icons (each in dark and light style)


  • most of the old-style icons
  • Make Donation link
  • Keyguard Pattern (deprecated in Android)
  • Profileify 'Browse Examples' entry (site gone)
  • 'create from app' button in widget/shortcut configure screen, was just confusing people
  • low memory notification, was supposed to reduce support request, caused more


  • state Power: option Wireless
  • compat with new Global settings class for relevant variables (Airplane Mode, Airplane Mode Radios)
  • higher res launcher icon for xhdpi displays
  • action Run Shell: parameters Store Errors In (stderr), Store Output In ( stderr, replaces previous 'Store Result In')
  • Events Alarm/AlarmDone: attempted support for Sony Ericsson alarm package
  • action Newsrob: added Sync Changed Only option
  • action/event/state selection search filter
  • State: Dreaming (JB)
  • Search: include variable tags and localized names
  • State: USB Plugged: added device class specification and extra detection methods
  • action HTTP Post attempted workaround for Android EOFException bug
  • javascript: mediaControl: support for play
  • action plugin selection: added Dash Clock to select list
  • event: Intent Received
  • userguide page Intents
  • multi-selection and dragging in task edit screens
  • Notify actions: action buttons (JellyBean+)


  • Goto: End Of Loop: was repeating loop instead of moving to following action
  • set max priority for Notify actions to 5
  • changing task names wasn't changing referring actions correctly
  • Office Talk: wasn't allowing selection of status for Set Availability mode
  • Delete File, use root: if rm fails with -f param, try without
  • TTS initialization had a race condition
  • app select: was showing Tasker's dummy docking activities
  • workaround for JB Recent Task window swipes killing monitor service next time it got a signal
  • removed text completion almost everywhere
  • Delete File: with Use Root: continue even if can't see file (could be in root-only dir)
  • disabled actions that wait for completion were producing a (harmless) error message
  • cloned profile didn't inherit enabled/disabled state and run count limitations
  • app creation: scenes kill button (bottom-right cross) wasn't being export
  • (launch-time copies of) local vars from the parent task are available in scene event tasks (inc. via Menu action)
  • app creation: READ_CALL_LOG permission for Call Log event/state
  • app creation: WRITE_CALL_LOG permission for Call Log action
  • some spurious error logging about missing activities in kid apps
  • action Notify,NotifyVibrate etc: Number parameter works again, but number displayed in pulldown (system standard)
  • data loading: was crashing on well-formed XML that had certain attributes missing
  • action Media Control: was crashing on Play with Simulate Media Button selected, substitute TogglePause instead
  • Run Shell: wasn't writing international characters correctly
  • action List Files: Variable arg was being replaced, led to bad var names
  • media player completion-signalling disruption
  • stop exe thread looper on thread exit where needed
  • Take Photo: screen going off while writing/scanning image was leading to 'cancelled' state
  • attempt to fix Play Ringtone stopping after short time intermittently
  • some states when in the same profile were monitoring simultaneously
  • state Light Level: throttle sensor update reaction to once per 2 seconds
  • HTML Popup: wasn't replacing variables
  • beta: state Power: wireless charging wasn't being detected with Any selected
  • Search: wasn't picking up variable names in action conditions
  • Event: Battery Full: bug in repeat-trigger prevention
  • State: Battery Level: reduce processing cost by testing against last level seen
  • Notify actions: for icon: wasn't accepting manual URI specification with variables
  • action Take Photo: was complaining about unsupported auto modes when no modes are supported
  • App Factory: action Notify Vibrate: needed permission wasn't being included


  • Zoom Element XXX actions: removed word Element from name
  • action Say, Say To File: use API 14 TTS engine selection
  • catch internal MapActivity errors caused by strange device configurations
  • mention task name in task deletion confirmation
  • allow timer widget resizing
  • action/event/state code select: use red text for unavailable codes instead of *
  • partially updated de translation
  • variable filter buttons: remember state across app launches
  • variables tab: Referenced filter disabled for non-base projects
  • references to direct-purchase version
  • took Encryption category out of Play Store version completely
  • action Mobile Data APN: changed name to APNDroid, moved to 3rd Party category, mark unvailable where relevant
  • Perform Task: Return parameter: handle (single) array references (e.g.; %arr(%index))
  • refreshed es,fr,zh,de
  • took out Click and Long-Click prefs
  • took out confirmation for unlinking named tasks from profile
  • pref: ask profile name: defaults to no
  • accept upto 8 digits for UI lock code
  • added content descriptions for many image-based controls (accessibility aid)
  • improved disabled icon
  • task edit: test button: use passive (i.e. modified-in-UI-not-yet-saved) data for scenes and their called tasks where possible
  • Send Intent: > 16, do Android normalize on specified MimeType, otherwise -> lower case
  • Text Elements: Resize To Fit: err on the side of making sure all the text is visible
  • AppFactory beta compatibility and modifications for appropriate theming
  • %CLIP now dynamic and monitored
  • maths eval: catch explicitly infinite and not-a-number results and warn concisely
  • states with integer ranges accept min = max
  • action Menu: require at least one item
  • converted non-trivial dialogs to full activities
  • (internal) converted dialog interfaces to post ICS
  • converted time select screen to native time picker widget
  • removed pre-ICS backwards compat code, small app startup speedup
  • added: object version check during load, displays details of data incompatibility instead of just 'failed to load data'
  • Run Shell: may return output lines even when the command exited with a non-zero result code
  • don't broadcast %QTIME changes, happens with every action, very limited use, preparation for local var
  • Task Edit: kill button shows when a Play Ringtone action is still in effect, and stops the playback
  • switch to UTF-8 for url encoding/decoding (non-western language support)
  • action Run Shell: Store Result In now refers to the result *code*
  • action Run Shell: small efficiency improvement, don't collect stdout unless requested
  • refreshed fr,es,zh translations, thanks for your work guys
  • builtin icons: store IDs instead of names, futureproofing
  • allow full-screen scene editing (by overlaying toolbars)
  • changed appwidget layout to better fit vanilla Android
  • State: Power: use power connection signal instead of battery level signals for check trigger
  • Event: Battery Overheating: prevent repeat-triggering until status has changed
  • Event: Battery Changed: prevent repeat-triggering until actual battery level value has changed
  • treat wireless charging as 'plugged in' for various purposes e.g. sensor enable when display off
  • action Run Shell: doesn't block action from other tasks
  • Menu / Prefs / Action / Camera Delay: accept 0
  • state USB Plugged -> USB Connected
  • WebView scene element supports variable replacement in Source parameter (untested)
  • state Cell Near: cell specifications are now simple matches (e.g. GSM:786.*)