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Release Notes

27/11/2013: v4.2u3

  • bugfix: task edit: wasn't able to drag multi-selected items
  • bugfix: web scene element: crashes in various places on KitKat
  • bugfix: web scene element: couldn't resize/move in scene editor on KitKat
  • bugfix: event Alarm Clock: wasn't working at all on KitKat (now works but can't match label)
  • bugfix: scene properties: documentation of Geometry and Orientation parameters
  • bugfix: event Intent Received: unparcel bundles before converting to string
  • bugfix: encryption on KitKat (including encryption of passcode for action Lock)
  • bugfix: various attempted user-reported crash fixes

22/11/2013: v4.2u2

  • change: Notify action: action buttons: restrict max local var size passed
  • bugfix: JavaScript: function shell() was never returning any command output
  • bugfix: scene edit: various problems returning from editing element/properties under low memory conditions
  • bugfix: app creation: scene AB icons weren't being packaged into APK
  • bugfix: prevent showing an overlay scene with an illegal element (was crashing)
  • bugfix: Say To File: was always using default locale
  • bugfix: JS: warnings from console were causing crash
  • bugfix: scene properties edit: changing background colour wasn't having immediate effect unless in beginner mode
  • bugfix: various attempted crash fixes

18/11/2013: v4.2u1

  • bugfix: actions with items: dragging wasn't working
  • bugfix: Search Tasker: only first matching action was shown for a each task
  • bugfix: complaint about missing temp. sensor when new builtin %TEMP var previously used
  • other attempted crash fixes

16/11/2013: v4.2


  • event Intent Received: variable names of extras are now converted to lower case
  • %TEMP is now a builtin variable, please rename any existing variable with that name


  • action: Array Process (sort,rotate etc)
  • action: Element Depth
  • action Test: Display Resolution and DPI (Dots Per Inch)
  • action Element Destroy
  • element TextEdit: Maximum Characters parameter
  • scene element: number picker
  • plugin protocol: pass referenced local var names from the current task to Setting plugin edit activity
  • JS: funtion elemPosition
  • JS/webview: extract global variable references (from global() function), use for monitor activation, variable picker lists etc
  • text,edittext,button,toggle elements: text size param accepts text entry, note auto-scaling is then not possible in some situations
  • element button,text,edittext: corner positions
  • manual entry of scene/element geometry (not in beginner mode)
  • scene edit: element picker button
  • action Scene Element Create (dynamic element creation, no event tasks unfortunately)
  • xxhdpi launcher/action bar icon
  • var %TEMP (ambient temperature) (untested)
  • state Temperature (ambient temperature) (untested)
  • scene element checkbox
  • scene element toggle
  • scene element spinner
  • action Element Value: apply also to checkbox
  • scene element WebView: parameters for AppCache API and DB API
  • action Set Tasker Pref: added sensor settings when display off
  • state Docked: support for he/le desk docks
  • state Docked: Other category (initially supported Samsung keyboard)
  • variable %UIMODE: additional possible values tv, appliance and undef
  • app select: include le/he desk dock apps with All
  • action Take Photo: added Focus Mode parameter
  • task edit, test button: long-click to run with a specific priority
  • action Show Scene: Animation parameter for non-overlay display types
  • action Hide Scene: Animation parameter (only relevant when displayed as non-overlay)
  • scene edit: menu item 'scene properties'
  • action bar scene properties: ab style, title, subtitle, home icon (+click event), actions, tab labels (+ click event)
  • other scene properties: orientation, key event
  • action Show Scene: extra display type, Activity, Full Window, No Title
  • state HDMI Plugged (untested)
  • element Slider: Default parameter
  • scene edit: touch mode resize for adjusting scene size
  • scene element Image: image uri can be directly specified (non-beginner-mode)
  • developers: support for synchronous action plugins, return status, local var setting,
  • developer: support for specification of 'relevant' vars for Tasker's var selector (both state and action plugins)
  • action edit: plugins: timeout parameter
  • confirm dialogs when creating a new profile and task creation is cancelled (e.g. by clicking outside task selector)
  • menu, spinner, action bar items accept variables in item label
  • profile export human-readable: show task order, restore settings and display in notification values when not at default vals
  • state Docked: added code for Asus keyboard dock ('Other' category)
  • action Say: Respect Audio Focus parameter


  • action Destroy Scene: was crashing (dependent on timing) with overlay scenes occasionally
  • icon parameters with variable specification: when executed more than once (e,g in a loop) the variable was sticking with the first value
  • Goto, Label, wasn't working if label contained a variable
  • var tab/var selection dialog: indexed vars weren't sorted correctly by index
  • app creation: export of actions using image buffer was failing
  • new scene: element task: scene selector wasn't showing the new scene name
  • new scene: references to the new scene name were showing the problem icon
  • scaling scene elements with scene was sometimes resulting in a 1-pixel gap at right or bottom
  • attempted: fix for Wietse's 'invalid record' location warnings after reboot
  • JS: dynamic declarations of vars as both arrays or simple vars was only handling the array case
  • action labels with newlines were disrupting Run Log
  • HTTP Post: problem with non-ASCII character sets and a non-file body
  • action Variable Split: local var: was not causing an update of things referencing the resulting array
  • Text/Button/EditText elements: local vars in text/label fields weren't replaced
  • JS: function exit(): sometimes the JS would continue execution for a short time after the exit() (timing issue)
  • array pop/push wasn't broadcasting changes for local vars
  • action Element Value for spinner wasn't updating display or triggering the Value Set event
  • JS: enableProfile wasn't asking for right args in function selector and wasn't processing them properly anyway
  • was in some cases responding to variable changes which were prefixes of referenced variables
  • in some places, changes to local scene vars were not being reacted to
  • grid size was snapping scaled coordinates to grid, not underlying unscaled coords
  • global user (project) vars weren't alpha sorted in selection lists
  • action plugins weren't showing icon within the Plugin category
  • was accepting bundle attributes from plugins which later caused failed data load
  • scene element text: format Text With Links wasn't linkifying links
  • action Set Widget Icon: No Image was resulting in warning icon
  • action Say respects audio focus (but doesn't support ducking)
  • some misc crashes
  • action Goto, Start of Loop, wasn't acting like 'continue' as intended
  • action Goto: onto onto a previous loop from outside, wasn't starting loop at first index again as intended
  • file actions with Use Root checked: quote filenames to prevent problems with e.g. filenames with spaces
  • WebView scene element: wasn't displaying source specified with variable
  • state BT Status: wasn't matching parameter correctly
  • action Javascript: vars in path weren't being replaced
  • action phone number params: wasn't accepting array reference
  • action Take Photo: initial action creation, was giving spurious warnings about picture size
  • app creation: when monitor vars were only used in tasks, monitor was being killed on ending of a task
  • scene element menu: background was not noticing changes to colour vars
  • scene edit: work around S4 (some ROMs?) crashing retrieving wallpaper
  • action create scene: wasn't initializing scene vars from task local vars
  • vars tab: wasn't showing vars from tasks in scene events
  • spurious warning on profile deletion "warning: no profile ID: xxx"
  • scene edit: screen rotation: was sometimes losing zoom status
  • element EditText: event Text Changed: was responding multiple times to a single press
  • scene edit: graphical artifacts when selecting touch mode and some other cases
  • event Notificaton Click on Android 4.3: was only working for clicking Tasker notifications
  • flag bt actions/states unavailable when no adapter on device
  • file selection was returning absolute instead of SD-relative path, wasn't puttin cursor to end
  • task edit: small flick at end of long-clicking an item could result in list scrolling to top
  • elements with items: bottom bar was over items
  • UI drag margin wasn't correctly adjusting for screen density (was too wide on very high res screens)
  • action Say/SayToFile: problems in more recent Android version (changed Android behaviour)
  • element background border: bottom and right had a 1-pixel thinner border than top and left
  • UI lock applies also to Menu / More / Run An Action (prevent e.g. disable Tasker that way)
  • plugin state context: disabling profile while plugin active: enabling at a later date was causing immediate activation without first querying plugin
  • plugin: exception handling plugin completion codes
  • plugin actions: Continue On Error was not being respected for timeouts
  • plugin actions: added TaskerPlugin.hostSupportsOnFireVariableReplacement(Activity) for backwards compat with older Taskers
  • action Popup Task Buttons: bad link to help text
  • action Variable Search Replace: was giving exception for undefined variables
  • export task description: Set Tasker Pref was failing to export with some pref types
  • unchecking profile property 'Restore Settings' wasn't always being handled correctly in combination with other profiles referencing the same setting(s)
  • disallow vibration related actions if no vibrator on device
  • contact photo/thumbnail: if 2 contacts had same number, only first was checked for a photo/thumbnail
  • contact photo/thumbnail: weren't showing in widgets on desktop
  • non-admin user: don't do MMS checks, was timing out querying DB
  • beta: scrolling within elements wasn't working for non-overlay scene types < JB 4.3
  • beta: scene edit: centre of Number Picker elements wasn't responding to touch
  • owing dialog scene over activity scene: wasn't hiding softkeyboard when dialog dismissed
  • beta: Spinner: events/item actions were again firing immediately scene shown, grr
  • beta: Search Tasker: wasn't searching in items of relevant elements (list,spinner,scene properties)
  • theme Light/DarkAB: popup lists weren't legible
  • app creation: child config screen: empty extra permissions were preventing later apk install by Android
  • webview element: alert and other js dialogs weren't workingw


  • resolving math expressions in task edit screen: don't give warnings, probably come from undefined local vars
  • state edit, wifi ssid/mac params: successive selections append the entry with / instead of setting it to the selected
  • %BLUE: was only reacting to on/off states, not in-between
  • menu scene elements: accept (scene) local vars when specifying a var to fill contents
  • scene elements, colour parameters: accept (scene) local vars
  • action Test Scene: child app: returns 'background' when the scene has been shown but is currently not on the screen
  • scene edit: moved background colour setting to scene properties screen
  • NewsRob -> GrazeRSS
  • action Element Visibility: Element Name parameter is now a simple match to allow hiding/showing multiple elements at once (e.g. to simulate a tab)
  • store display characteristics of scene creation device, scale up/down when importing to new devices (also for builtin scenes)
  • warning icon for unresolvable file Uris
  • %QTIME is deprecated, please use %qtime instead
  • support for SDK 18 method to retrieve BT adapter, bring on the SDK 19 method!
  • de/es language updates
  • event Intent Received: variable names of extras are converted to lower-case
  • array pop broadcasts for the array name, not the particular index
  • main screen variables tab: auto-capitalize first letter of variable name
  • app context: don't count Tasker's dialog scenes for app detection
  • scene animation max 5secs
  • scene edit: geometry in action bar is always unscaled (i.e. doesn't show zoomed values)
  • action Set Clipboard: allow zero-length text
  • exponential backoff on failed lock code entry
  • shortcut creation: limit icon selection instead of complaining about unavailable types afterwards
  • Say/SayToFile: support for new speech progress reporting, including stopping task on error (API 15+)
  • added AutoShare and AutoNotification to plugin selector