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Release Notes

11/10/2014: v4.5u1

  • change: listMarginWidthPercent is written to prefs file so user doesn't need to create new entry
  • change: app creation: Debug Version option no longer causes debuggable to be set in the manifest (prevented Play Store publication)
  • bugfix: Text element in scene: links were causing crash
  • bugfix: BT Near: bugged in some earlier Android versions
  • bugfix: scene destruction: wasn't tidying up event handlers correctly which was producing warnings
  • bugfix: scene element TextEdit: crash due to cursor movement in some circumstance
  • bugfix: catch exception selecting sub-activities for some apps
  • bugfix: catch exception when state plugin result comes in for profile that doesn't exist anymore
  • bugfix: better handle exceptions that can occur loading bad config data

07/10/2014: v4.5


  • switched to Google Maps API v2


  • app creation: users of maps in scenes will need to get a Google Maps API v2 key


  • Element Add Geomarker: parameters Label, Label Colour (not supported by new Maps API v2)


  • location edit: optionally long-click and drag on current location marker to move it
  • map element: toggle parameter for roads
  • action Element Map Control: Hide/Show Roads, Enable/Disable Compass/Tilt/Rotation/Zoom Gestures, Hide Zoom Controls modes
  • location edit: show lat/lng at top, editable
  • %WIFII: channel number when wifi is connected (Android L+)
  • actions Timer Widget Control and Timer Widget Set
  • action Variable Subtract: Wrap Around parameter
  • builtin local array variable %caller (caller trace for current task) (see Variables section of Userguide)
  • Location Edit: menu option to enter text address
  • plugins: action/event/state edit screens: show relevant variables from plugins
  • action Element Image: usable for Button and Slider elements
  • Test Scene: width and height


  • patch for Android PRNG bug (may improve random number generation on some devices)
  • Set Widget Icon/Label: spurious error message when an anonymous widget was present on home screen
  • Search: bad bottom button alignment in some languages
  • main screen, variables tab: show max 500 characters of a variable contents (longer vars can lock up UI)
  • monitor was hanging under high system load sometimes, improved broadcast handling efficiency
  • task select list: was generating spurious warning on all Tasker UI themes except Light
  • another attempted fix for ANRs during plugin response processing
  • BT Near: workaround for Android bug reporting device type as unknown from an LE scan
  • event Received Text: MMS wasn't working on 4.1 and earlier devices
  • %WIFII: was not converting many frequencies to the correct channel
  • action Test Tasker: action/event/state selection had bad title
  • TextEdit element: cursor was not being moved to end when text was set
  • action Popup: several local variables weren't being set on timeout with a default item selected (e.g. %tap_label)
  • app creation: JavaScriptlet references to showScene and performTask: include relevant task/scene in kid
  • scene element text: Vertical Fit Mode: Reduce Text Size: improved fitting algorithm
  • app creation: slider element icons were not being exported or applied correctly
  • profile list on/off buttons could have labels in incorrect language
  • failure to import old data due to over-enthusiastic data verification checks
  • app creation: JS func getLocation: include coarse and fine location permissions, relevant features
  • action Element Value: wasn't setting initial value of spinner that had never been displayed when filled from variable
  • %PRESSURE: wasn't being populated if not pressure state defined
  • app creation: images in scene element Layout parameters weren't being packaged in kid apk
  • problem with monitor being killed when UI exited on LG G2 / 4.4.2, possibly other devices
  • scene Text elements with Scrolling enabled were blocking input to underlying elements even when hidden
  • action Scan Card wasn't handling absolute paths


  • use holo dark for default theme on L devices until a final L ROM is available
  • Tasker no longer requires Google Maps (or Play Services) to be installed (but map-based functionality will not be accessible if they are missing)
  • multiple map elements are possible in a scene
  • change: state Wifi Near: channel max upped to 196
  • change: profile list on/off in German = Ein/Aus
  • change: read list drag margin width percent from sharedprefs if present, so customizable for root users (integer key listMarginWidthPercent)


  • invoke tasks: disallowed: Write File, Read File, Read Binary, Write Binary actions (permission abuse)
  • synchronous action plugins: were stopping on RESULT_CODE_FAILED even if Continue On Error was set

Android 1.6+ Devices



  • action Take Picture: was never using auto-focus, switch to auto-focus when camera parameters specify it
  • scene elements Text/TextEdit/Button: local variable as Text/Label field wasn't being replaced