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Release Notes

13/01/2015: v4.6u3

  • bugfix: various problems with scene Text elements with HTML formatting specified
  • bugfix: plugins: selection problem with multiple versions of a plugin on device
  • bugfix: app creation: was dropping GET_TASKS permission prior to Lollipop instead of other way round
  • bugfix: action Java Function: bug evaluating java objects as string constants in some cases
  • bugfix: non-ASCII characters in some HTML texts on some devices were not displaying correctly
  • bugfix: app creation: always need include accessibility service if app context present (in case running on Lollipop)
  • added: recommended plugin action/event: Synchronize Ultimate
  • change: task edit: improved efficiency of display updates when testing task without stepping

05/01/2015: v4.6u2

  • bugfix: cell tower detection when off: attempted improvement when using new cell API
  • bugfix: removed spurious Java warning when evaluating certain conditions
  • bugfix: action Perform Task: improved mechanism for submitting new task in queue
  • bugfix: timer widget: typed values in number pickers were being ignored
  • bugfix: action Tasker / Disable was flashing an error and stopping task (after disabling)
  • bugfix: action Java Function: catch attempts to run a function on a null object
  • bugfix: task testing: stopping a tested task in middle of Wait exiting, then returning to task edit, task was still showing
  • bugfix: action Java Object: wasn't showing object selection icon
  • bugfix: action Java Object: had no help text
  • bugfix: action Java Function: various problems with inner classes
  • bugfix: action Java Function: storing return values in things that were partially (%) variables
  • bugfix: scene element Text: links in HTML format weren't clickable
  • bugfix: app creation: app context: was including GET_TASKS permission even if min version was set to Lollipop
  • bugfix: app creation: app context: was basing need for accessibility service in current device API version instead of min version in kid config
  • bugfix: action Morse: improved resource usage
  • bugfix: various dev console errors
  • bugfix: app creation: various problems with READ_CONTACTS permission related to contacts
  • bugfix: app creation: Set Tasker Icon: was not working in many circumstances
  • change: Tasks tab in main screen: only show Kill All option when execution service running
  • change: refer to Secure Settings for Mobile Data action on Android 5.0+

18/12/2014: v4.6u1

  • reeanbled Keyguard option on Lollipop, apparently it works for a lot of people
  • fixes for some reported crashes

17/12/2014: v4.6

Android 4.0+ Devices


  • support for direct calling of Java functions integrated in normal task flow, see Java in the userguide
  • test tasks step-by-step and see status of each action as it completes
  • support for interrupt mode on Android 5.0+


  • action App / List Apps
  • action Script / Java Function, for calling Java functions
  • action Script / Java Object, for manipulation of Java objects
  • many long selection lists have a filter field
  • builtin local var %err (error in last enabled action if set)
  • task edit screen: currently executing action and status for past-actions displayed when testing
  • task edit screen: step-by-step task execution button
  • task tab double-click menu: Kill All option
  • monitor notification, set category to service (Lollipop+)
  • action Interrupt Mode (Lollipop+)
  • variable %UIMODE: watch (Lollipop+)
  • Italian translation (not userguide)
  • show in profile list whether a profile's tasks are locked or not
  • builtin action plugin list, added AutoInput
  • action Net / Test Net: support for bluetooth and ethernet


  • action list: don't evaluate conditions for disabled actions
  • test display res/DPI: was caching values and therefore reporting wrong ones after a display rotation
  • %SILENT: report on when device interrupt mode is priority or none (Lollipop+)
  • action Element Text with TextEdit element: couldn't set to zero-length
  • element Button: labels were all uppercase (Lollipop+)
  • task edit: rotation animation for opening/closing blocks was messed up (Lollipop+)
  • action Beep: Amplitude parameter was being measured in ms instead of %
  • action Show Scene / Continue Task Immediately: when deselected sometimes wasn't respected if scene was hidden
  • action List Files: using root, if the dir wasn't reachable without root in pre-check would fail
  • Userguide / Variables / Scene Local: behaviour was incorrectly documented
  • swiping Tasker from recent apps list was closing the list (Lollipop+)
  • when task was locked in UI, could be accessed via profile list without entering code if profile was locked
  • Test Net: needed permission was missing in exported apps
  • displayed scenes weren't generating accessibility events (e.g. for %WIN, Event / Button Widget)


  • action JavaScript(let): replace variables in Libraries parameter
  • action category Script -> Code
  • plugin actions/events/states are grouped per plugin app
  • action Run Shell: result code is stored in %err (if not 0) (and previously specified for backwards compatibility)
  • refreshed French, Spanish and Simplified Chinese translations
  • switched app detection to using an Accessibility Service please enable Tasker's service in Android Accessibility settings (Lollipop+)


  • action Take Call: not available on Lollipop+ (Google not granting the needed permission)
  • action Keyguard: apparently causing blackouts (Lollipop+)


  • change: when EditActivity has both state and event filters, default to event when receiving REQUEST_QUERY
  • added: TaskerPlugin: RESULT_CODE_FAILED and RESULT_CODE_CANCELLED appear in %err so user can handle them
  • added: TaskerPlugin: Setting.RESULT_CODE_FAILED_PLUGIN_FIRST: start numbering custom error codes from there (to appear in %err)
  • added: TaskerPlugin: Setting.VARNAME_ERROR_MESSAGE