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Release Notes

Android 4.0+ Devices

20/06/2016: v4.8u6

  • bugfix: attempted fixes for developer console crashes
  • bugfix: action Send SMS: was generating spurious warnings on some device configurations
  • added: action App / Test App, mode This Package, gives Tasker or app factory child package name

20/06/2016: v4.8u5

  • bugfix: app creation: version number on kid config screen wasn't matching that in the generated app
  • bugfix: variables supplied by plugin, selector was showing *Unknown Plugin* as the source of the variable
  • bugfix: action Disable Tasker: was unavailable when no lock specified in prefs
  • bugfix: task edit: leaving with home key while task being tested was not clearing execution service wakelock
  • bugfix: JavaScript: action was still marked OK for file-based libraries when library failed to load e.g. due to permissions
  • bugfix: action Wifi Tether: prechecks for tethering possibility no longer possible on Android N, dropped them
  • bugfix: now ignore all calendar events where self-attendance is 'declined'
  • bugfix: plugin actions: those timing out were showing as completed OK when testing task in task edit screen
  • change: action Lock: allow variable for passcode parameter
  • change: on plugin timeout, %err is set to 2 and %errmsg to 'timeout'
  • change: Set CPU: allow manual specification of userspace governor
  • change: when not whitelisting for doze mode, take user straight to permission rather than app list
  • added: manifest permission REQUEST_IGNORE_BATTERY_OPTIMIZATIONS for taking user directly to whitelist dialog
  • bugfix: developers: TaskerPlugin.java: null check in hostSupportsOnFireVariableReplacement(Activity)

14/5/2016: v4.8u4

  • bugfix: state and event names in profile list weren't displaying
  • bugfix: location edit on some buggy Marshmallow ROMs
  • bugfix: warning instead of crash creating map elements on some buggy Marshmallow ROMs
  • bugfix: developers: blocked the reserved extra key 'class', clash with internal data format

6/5/2016: v4.8u3

  • added: variable %TETHER (WiFi,USB,BT hotspot status)
  • added: state Device Idle, AKA Doze Mode (Android 6.0+)
  • bugfix: variable list: don't show rename option for variables which are only in the list due to being mentioned somewhere in data
  • bugfix: JavaScript in exported apps wasn't working with higher min APIs
  • bugfix: complaining about missing plugins for old-style plugin configurations

23/4/2016: v4.8u2

  • added: action Send Intent / event Received Intent: category Cardboard
  • change: refreshed French translation (thanks OBones)
  • change: updated Play Services client library version
  • change: event Received Intent: extras with < 3 characters adjusted to valid variable names by prefixing var_
  • bugfix: exporting action descriptions, don't show plugin package details
  • bugfix: action Kill App: with root, workaround for Android process listing limitation on Android 5.0+
  • bugfix: action Disable Tasker can no longer be selected while interface is locked
  • developers: bugfix: identify plugins uniquely by type, package and edit class instead of label
  • developers: bugfix: TaskerIntent: function addArg(pkg,cls) wasn't working correctly
  • developers: added: TaskerPlugin.Setting.setVariableReplaceKeys: supports ArrayList keys

4/2/2016: v4.8u1

  • added: action Set Tasker Pref: option for Use Reliable Alarms
  • bugfix: various problems with battery optimization dialog
  • bugfix: attempted fixes for various console-reported errors
  • bugfix: app creation: action Say: don't precheck Engine:Voice parameter if it contains variables

04/12/2015: v4.8


  • support for custom tiles for Cyanogen Quick Settings panel
  • improved Android 6.0 compatibility



  • permission cyanogenmod.permission.PUBLISH_CUSTOM_TILE for action Quick Settings Add
  • actions System / Quick Setting Add, System / Quick Setting Remove (recent Cyanogen ROMs only)
  • event System / Quick Setting Clicked (recent Cyanogen ROMs only)
  • scene element Number Picker: Format parameter
  • support for Alarms Only Do Not Disturb mode (Android 6.0+)
  • warning about disabled location services after editing Wifi Near state (Android 6.0+)
  • warning about enabled battery optimizations for Tasker (Android 6.0+)
  • action Torch: support native API (Android 6.0+)
  • Prefs / Monitor: Use More Reliable Alarms option (Android 5.0+)
  • Android System Power Management in userguide


  • support for new Android exact alarm API (Android 5.0+)
  • tracking failure caused by Auto Brightness action pre-KitKat
  • app creation: action Wifi Tether was failing in kid due to missing permission
  • action Zip: was including ./ in front of entries
  • app creation: JS wasn't working when app was targetting API 16+
  • problem launching in landscape mode
  • Play Music Dir: was stopping after first track


  • Run Log: when condition for an action fails, run log shows IfFail instead of OK
  • state Media Button, parameter Held: when checked, register a handler for Web Search intent in order to override Android's default behaviour for the media button (Android 5.0+)
  • event Assistance Request: only enable Android event handler if needed by an enabled profile
  • state Calendar Entry: / in calendar names in URL format are not treated as boolean or
  • Phone / Radio action not available on Android 6.0+



  • TaskerIntent: function addArg(pkg,cls) wasn't working correctly

Android 1.6+ Devices



  • action Take Picture: was never using auto-focus, switch to auto-focus when camera parameters specify it
  • scene elements Text/TextEdit/Button: local variable as Text/Label field wasn't being replaced