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Release Notes

Android 4.0+ Devices

17/01/2017: v4.9u4

  • bugfix: App context was responding to input methods (Android 7.1.1)
  • bugfix: setting project icon wasn't showing apply button
  • bugfix: app creation: don't show Disable action in kid app foreground notification
  • bugfix: action Array Set: wasn't handling variables in Values parameter
  • bugfix: was not checking permission READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE correctly
  • bugfix: action Copy File: error pre-checking file properties in some situations
  • bugfix: scene editor: some elements were crashing on editing if 'show over other apps' system permission was denied
  • bugfix: writing external storage: was only checking first permission grant
  • change: event Package Updated also triggers on update of Tasker (and kid app own) package

05/01/2017: v4.9u3

  • bugfix: attempted fixes for various dev console errors, please contact developer if crash not fixed
  • bugfix: action Set Wallpaper: storing both lock and launcher together was causing monitor crash
  • bugfix: app creation: action Set Wallpaper needs permission READ_CONTACTS
  • bugfix: File actions: crash checking some types of permission grant on external media
  • change: File actions: only use new Android Document File interface on Android 6.0+
  • change: increased priority on boot signal from Android to 999, forsaken attempt to improve startup time
  • change: apply button in action bar in main screen: create auto-backups if requested in prefs

31/12/2016: v4.9u2

  • change: ammend Variable Set actions in old format coming from external app callers
  • change: File actions: don't use new Android Document File interface for reading files
  • change: state Media Button: when grabbing, don't use new Android API, was causing problems with Wear devices
  • bugfix: File actions: misplaced warnings/errors
  • bugfix: action Variable Convert: wasn't correctly resolving target variable name
  • added: asus alarm package
  • added: scene element Image, Alpha parameter can be specified with variable
  • added: action Media Button Events: added Use New API parameter when grabbing (Android 6.0+)

22/12/2016: v4.9u1

  • added: Menu / More / Android Settings for common service toggling etc
  • bugfix: action Display Brightness: pre-KitKat devices, was changing brightness but giving error
  • bugfix: crash starting scene edit when can't retrieve homescreen wallpaper
  • bugfix: crash with package changes or boot on some devices
  • bugfix: crash using ipack icons for notifications (please reselect icons)
  • bugfix: action Show Scene: wasn't respecting unchecked Continue Task Immediately parameter
  • bugfix: reading notifications: was possible to respond twice if both accessibility and notificaton listener services enabled
  • attempted bugfixes for developer-console reported errors
  • developers: changed JSON replacement to avoid double-quotes start and end

20/12/2016: v4.9


  • network access control per-app for Android 6.0+, otherwise all-apps
  • actions in File category: support for new external SD access API (Android 5.1+)
  • Android 7.0 bugfixes and additions
  • added Portuguese (Brazil) translation (many thanks to Breno Rafael CorrĂȘa)


  • action Say To File: parameter Use Network
  • action System / Power Mode (root only, Android 5.0+)
  • main screen, scene long-click options: direct element edit (and straight back to main screen)
  • main screen, task long-click options, play option
  • main screen, scenes tab menu: Destroy All
  • long-click of home icon in main screen: show menu instead of just toggling
  • action Variable Set, parameter Recurse Variables
  • action Array Set
  • state Pen Out (Samsung SPen)
  • state Pen Menu (Samsung SPen Air Button menu)
  • action Show Scene: Show Over Keyguard parameter, defaults to true
  • action Share Fle
  • action List Files: parameter Sort
  • action Play Music: parameter Continue Task Immediately, default to yes
  • actions Notification LED/Vibrate/Sound: parameter Repeat Alert
  • event: Notification Removed (Android 6.0+)
  • action Set Wallpaper: parameter Type (Android 7.0+)
  • main screen action bar: apply-and-save icon (when changes have been made, not in beginner mode)
  • action File / SQL Query: DB file queries, file direct or Android URI
  • action Net / Network Access: allow/deny network access globally or based on app selection
  • action Tasker / Set Tasker Pref: added control of Run Log, System Logging and SD Logging
  • events Alarm/Alarm Done: added OnePlus clock package
  • action Settings / Quick Settings: show Quick Settings panel (Android 4.2+)
  • action Settings / Developer Settings
  • action Input / Long Power Button: show long-power press menu (Android 5.0+)
  • action Input / Back Button: simulate Back button press (Android 4.2+)
  • action App / Show Recents: show recent apps dialog (Android 4.2+)
  • action App / Toggle Split Screen: toggle whether current app is in split screen mode (Android 7.0+)
  • action Test Element: test for depth
  • action Show Scene: overlay scenes: action edit screen: take to relevant settings screen when permission is disabled (Android 6.0+)
  • actions modifying system settingse: action edit screen: take to relevant settings screen when permission is disabled (Android 6.0+)
  • Menu / More / Grant Document Tree Access (Android 5.1+, where external media available)
  • task edit: when tested task fails, show contents of %err and %errmsg at end of log snippet
  • file selection dialog: buttons to go to root of primary storage volume (and external if present)


  • %TRUN: with no tasks running, 'Set' condition would return true
  • app creation: debug flag wasn't turning on various debug options in prefs of kid app
  • main screen, simple yes/no dialog if the disclamer is cancelled on a TV, some people were having problems with the action bar
  • main scene, scenes list wasn't updating scene status dynamically
  • actions using scenes: they weren't showing over the keyguard where appropriate (Android 5.0+)
  • action failing wih Continue On Error checked was being marked as condition failure in Run Log
  • event Notification, variable %NTITLE more reliable (Android 6.0+)
  • event Notification: more matching parameters (Android 6.0+)
  • Edit Text Element, Focus event: added a small delay for the element gaining focus to allow handling clashes when examining the (scene-local) %focused variable
  • app creation: action Test Net: needed ACCESS_WIFI_STATE permission
  • location context: wasn't allowing direct entry of negative GPS coordinates
  • app creation: action HTTP Head: needed INTERNET permission
  • app creation: action Notification Pulse: needed WRITE_SETTINGS permission
  • action Morse: possible timing bug and more logging
  • action Element Depth: variables weren't being handled for Depth parameter
  • action HTTP Head: fixed spurious warning about parameter types
  • action Show Scene: overlay scenes were crashing when 'Draw Over Other Apps' setting was disabled (Android 6.0+)
  • actions writing system settings: catch permission denial and other exceptions
  • app creation: wasn't adding BODY_SENSOR permission for heart rate state/var
  • export/reimport of built-in scenes: was giving error
  • matching phone numbers with CG: was producing spurious warnings when number was not a contact
  • Java Object: deleting specific objects was producing exception
  • action Set Wallpaper: image degradation on wallpaper restore
  • Ipack icons in notifications showing wrong icon or crashing in Android 7.0+
  • text in elements of builtin scenes was not appearing until the element was edited (Android 7.0+)
  • Notify actions: actions: was allowing icon selection from Ipacks, which doesn't work
  • actions Say, SayToFile: with Continue Immediately Checked, initialization would sometimes not complete before end of task so speech never came
  • action Java Function: object names can now include digits, except at start
  • media button handling: use new API (Android 7.0+)


  • app creation: abbreviated user-specified permissions become completed (e.g. WRITE_SETTINGS -> android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS)
  • app creation: settings (Display Timeout etc): ask for permission dynamically
  • app creation: overlay scenes: ask for permission dynamically
  • human-readaable export of event contexts: include Stop Event flag if set
  • app creation: kid app: Debug flag also turns on Run Log for kid
  • action Airplane Mode: available for root users (Lollipop+)
  • scene editor: edit element, if last element edited was also this one, start in the last tab and position in tab
  • editing scene element from search result: returns direct to search result instead of going via scene edit
  • actions Create Scene, ShowScene: don't complain about unknown scene, prob just didn't make it yet (still marked as a warning)
  • improved icon selection presentation
  • enable Intent Received events to block external calls to run a task, if the Stop flag is set
  • action Mobile Data: on rooted devices, attempt to use svc via shell (Android 5.0+)
  • action Mobile Data: mark as unavailable for non-rooted devices (Android 5.0+)
  • event Notification, variable %NTITLE: require Notification Listener service on, instead of Accessibility service (Android 6.0+)
  • variable %LOCACC: reports now to 2 decimal place, fixed rounding
  • action Status Bar: use Accessibility Service if possible (Android 4.1+)
  • action Delete File: removed Shred Level parameter for Android 5.1+, not supported in new Android API
  • Prefs / UI / Lock Code: increased max length to 15
  • Prefs / Action / Widget Task Priority removed in favour of being able to configure individually in task properties
  • task edit screen: don't stop execution of new tasks when task causes an app switch
  • notification with Ipack icons are shown direct from Tasker instead of via Ipack app
  • actions taking variable name as alternative to number: allow direct number entry instead of requiring var name
  • app creation: if a webview is being exported, include the maps key parameter in kid config, user could load map in webview


  • Notify actions: Number parameter no longer supported (Android 7+)
  • Prefs / Monitor / Custom Pulldown Layout (Android 6.0+)


  • TaskerPlugin.java: added setKeyEncoding() and Host.getKeysWithEncoding() to enable the host to replace variable values without breaking any internal structure, where present. Currently only JSON supported.
  • Ipack build files: modified to support build on most recent SDK versions
  • Variable Set action has an extra parameter (see above). Please consider using the plugin interface to interact with Tasker and avoid similar problems in the future.

Android 1.6+ Devices



  • action Take Picture: was never using auto-focus, switch to auto-focus when camera parameters specify it
  • scene elements Text/TextEdit/Button: local variable as Text/Label field wasn't being replaced