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Release Notes

Android 5.0+ Devices

Release Video

v5.10 - 2020/09/30


  • Added Action Power Menu Action which allows you to create tiles for the Android 11+ Power Menu. Demo here.
  • Added the Power Menu Shown event which triggers when the Power Menu screen is shown on Android 11+
  • Added Power Menu tiles for every available task on Android 11+
  • Added Action Command which allows you to trigger the Command event with the AutoApps Command System
  • Added Event Command which can be triggered with the Command action
  • Added ability for third party apps to send commands that trigger the Command event but they have to explicitly ask the user for a permission to do so. Demo here.
  • Added Phone Call permission to kid apps when they use Contact Via App action
  • Added text option to Signal and Telegram messages in the Contact Via App action
  • Added option to add to new project when importing a profile or task from Taskernet
  • Added option to disable number of enabled profiles in Tasker notification
  • Updated spanish and french translations


  • Changed the dialog where you choose an icon so that it shows an icon for each option
  • Don't warn user about deprecated HTTP GET action if in kid app
  • Don't execute actions in exit tasks of active profiles when shutting down: was previously executing all of them, even if disabled or in non-matching if conditions so it was unwanted behaviour. Tasks in profiles with the Device Shutdown event will still run.


  • Removed option to insert SMS into messaging database since it wasn't possible to do that anymore


  • Fixed situation where the same variable is set multiple times in a row to different values and the same value would be reported in the Variable Set event
  • Fixed %TETHER variable in some situations
  • Fixed long standing situation where Tasker would run disabled actions when the device is shutting down
  • Fixed keyboard automatically hiding in input fields on Scenes on Android 11+
  • Fixed Termux command so it's compatible with upcoming Termux release
  • Fixed dialogs not cancelling when screen is rotated while they are showing
  • Fixed crash when reading a file too large to be read
  • Fixed copying/moving files with weird extensions to external SD cards
  • Fixed javascripts for devices that do not have recent webviews
  • Fixed issue where in some locales the Variable set action couldn't do maths in some situations with negative numbers
  • Fixed a few crashes