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Release Notes

Android 5.0+ Devices

Release Video

Google Assistant Integration Video

v5.11.14 - 2021/01/26


  • Added Assistant Actions video tip
  • Made "alert()" function in javascript return which button was pressed
  • Added "GenerateUUID()" function to "Tasker Function" action
  • Made it possible for users to use custom redirect URL in "HTTP Auth" action by specifying it directly there


  • Allow "Perform Task" action's Parameter input fields to have more than one line of input


  • Fixed building apps with App Factory on some devices in some situations
  • Fixed link to forum on Russian translation
  • Made "BT Connected" event able to select BT devices when being setup
  • Fixed issue where sometimes a notification would show up saying that Tasker was not authorized when that wasn't the case
  • Fixed license checking in Tasker in some situations
  • Only use location permission in "Test Net" action if really needed
  • Fix bug where sometimes when copying files to external SD card with uppercase extensions the wrong extension could be used in the destination file
  • Fixed using Project/Profile/Task variables in Javascript in some situations
  • Disallow using non-monitored built-in variables in "Variable State" state. Was allowing it by mistake
  • Fix using invalid variable names in plugins in some situations
  • Fix "Steps Taken" event on some devices
  • Fixed small crashes

v5.11.13 - 2021/01/14


The way Wifi toggling works has changed in this version because of Google (check here). Please contact me via e-mail so I can help you fix it.

Unfortunately I can't link to the fix here because that's against Google Play policies.


  • Added Call Screening action and Call Screened event for Android 10+. Allows you to reject calls event before they start to ring. Demo here.
  • Added Settings Panel action on Android 10+ that allows you to show a bunch of system dialogs that control various things. Demo here.
  • Added Project, Profile and Task Variables. Demos here and here.
  • Added Multiple Variables Set action where you can set multiple actions in just one action. Demo here.
  • Made Tasker loading dialog show a rotating Tasker icon instead of the default spinning icon. Demo here.
  • Added Pick Input Dialog action that you can use to pick any type that's supported by the Profile/Project/Task variables in a regular task flow. Demo here.
  • Added Package option to Go Home action allowing you to optionally select which launcher to go home to and option to set your launcher in the ADB Wifi action. Demo here.
  • Added Accessibility Volume action which allows you to change the Media volume on some devices where Media volume doesn't work
  • Added Comments field to Profile Properties screen
  • Added option to convert orientation coordinates to degrees in the Test Sensor action and in the Any Sensor conditions
  • Added menu entry in main screen to set Tasker as your Spam & Caller ID handler
  • Added splitPublicSourceDirs to App Info output
  • Added support to show importable description in full screen from Taskernet page (server update not out yet)
  • Added help button in the Name field of the Profile Status action explaining that user must name a profile before using it in this action
  • Added info about screen capture prompt being able to be bypassed in the Take Screenshot action
  • Added option to continue on error to "Variable Split" action
  • Updated Spanish, French and Chinese (simplified) translations


  • Updated target API to 29
  • Perform Wifi action via Tasker Settings app because apps targeting API 29 or above can't do it
  • Migration to AndroidX (developer tools)
  • Ask for Background Location Access where needed which is mandatory for apps targeting API 29
  • Updated Power Menu Action action to send a command like prefix=:=true_or_false=:=current_value=:=mode for Toggle Range types where mode is either toggle or range depending if you clicked the button or selected its range
  • Made SSID field in Wifi Connected state multiline if needed
  • Don't use Manage External Storage permission for now since Google Play doesn't support it yet but made preparations for it
  • End Call action no longer works as before on Android 10+ due to Android restrictions
  • On Android 10+ when saving your setup if some permissions aren't granted to Tasker show each permission and the action the permission is needed for
  • Made filter always show up in the Variable picker instead of just when there are more than X number of variables in the list
  • Made permission info screen when exiting the app correctly show event/state names


  • Fixed Any Sensor events and states not stopping sensor monitoring when other less battery intensive conditions are false
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the Any Sensor Event would fire every single time you accepted a new setup in Tasker
  • Fixed help page always showing up when using the Power Menu Action action
  • Fixed long standing bug where if you dragged actions in a task when blocks were collapsed the actions would end up in the wrong place
  • Made Launch App action resume Tasker if it's already open instead of launching a new instance of it
  • Allow Google Drive Download action to download from the root folder on your Google Drive
  • Fixed bug where in Ask Permission action some permissions could appear duplicated in the helper list
  • Clear %VOICE variable if Get Voice action fails like it's mentioned in the documentation
  • Fixed a bug with the Ping action where if the output variables were already set before the action it would not populate them correctly
  • Made exit tasks with disabled settings actions correctly restore those settings
  • Fixed bug in App Info action where if you specified package names directly the Ignore Packages and Ignore Unlaunchable Apps options didn't do anything
  • Fixed long standing launchApp() function bug in javascript in some situations
  • Fixed issue where value for video would be reset when editing the Element Video Control action
  • Fixed javascript bug related to numbered variables sometimes being unset automatically
  • Fixed bug in Do Not Disturb action where when setting mode to Allow All the Categories and Suppressed Effects wouldn't be cleared
  • Fixed sending literal variable names (like \%variable) to plugins
  • Added location permission to Test Net action
  • Fixed crash sometimes when setting wallpaper
  • Fixed asking for variable permissions for variables used in anonymous Tasks of disabled profiles
  • Added Write Settings permission to Location and Power Mode action
  • Fixed task editor sometimes automatically scrolling to the top when you inserted an action in the middle of the task
  • Fixed Scene editor showing white background if home screen background is a live wallpaper
  • Fixed verification of minimum API requirements for events
  • Made disabled actions not ask for their needed permissions when saving your setup
  • Only ask for the storage permission in the HTTP Request action if the File fields are used
  • Fixed bug with Launch App where it would report an error if you set it up to launch an app's activity and then changed the input to variable mode
  • Fixed crashing Tasker when doing a Test action where an unexpected error happened. Now it'll just return an error in the action instead.
  • Fixed error message regarding %MTRACK sometimes showing in logs
  • Fixed using an array directly in the List Dialog action when a variable with the same name as the array has a value
  • Fixed some action with functions in their inputs (like the Keyboard action) when using the special [ and ] characters
  • Fixed crash that happened sometimes when you used 2 dialogs back to back
  • Don't show duplicate apps in app selection screen
  • Fixed backing up user variables when the option is selected in some cases
  • Fixed showing error flash regarding humidity sensor in some situations
  • Fixed buggy input field in Display Brightness action