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Release Notes

Android 5.0+ Devices

Release Video

v5.13.5 - 2021/08/05


  • Added Material You support for Android 12+. Enable with Tasker > Preferences > UI > Theme > Material You. Demo
  • Added Get Material You Colors for Android 12+. Demo
  • Allow overlay scenes to be shown on status bar and navigation bar with a new option in Show Scene action when type is Overlay. Demo
  • Added Connect To Wifi action which works with a new version of the Tasker Settings app. Demo
  • Added option to use test server for shares to test new taskernet features. Demo
  • Added Apps, Image, Images, Bluetooth Name and Bluetooth Address options in the Pick Input Dialog action. Demo
  • Made exported descriptions more readable. Demo
  • You can now use content://net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.iconprovider/wallpaper/launcher or content://net.dinglisch.android.taskerm.iconprovider/wallpaper/lockscreen to use your devices wallpapers anywhere where image URIs are supported. Demo
  • Added function to get max audio volumes for each stream type in the Tasker Function action. Demo
  • Added option to ask for advanced options when exporting description (for now you can select between wrapping description with back ticks or adding 4 spaces before each line)
  • Added option to specify a prompt when using the Ask For Permissions action which will show up if the permissions are not already granted
  • Added option for taskernet project to not ask for the needed permissions when imported
  • Enabled hardware acceleration
  • Allow any value in the Display Brightness input field
  • Added Turkish translation
  • Output %err variable with a value when the Back action ends in error
  • Added option to sort by named profiles
  • Added option to get current task name in Test Tasker action
  • Show error when project/profile/task from taskernet fails
  • Added option to send crash reports via a Google Drive file instead of via email directly
  • Added line numbers to logcat entries when selecting them with the helper in the Logcat Entry event
  • Added log showing memory consumption every once in a while to catch eventual future memory leaks
  • Added next,pause,stop,play,rewind and forward tags to Media Control action so you can search for those terms and find the action
  • Added Continue On Error option to Goto action
  • Allow using array variables in some fields where only non-array variables were supported


  • Made unnamed profiles show up in italic so they can be easily distiguished from named profiles
  • When importing a project where tasks, profiles or scenes in that project already exist but the project itself doesn't, ask for each existing item individually if you want to overwrite
  • Don't ask if want to overwrite profiles/tasks/scenes if they were in the same project as the one being imported
  • Don't output empty fields (or disabled checkboxes) in profile/task descriptions
  • Made Joiner field in Variable Join action multi-line
  • When Google Assistant searches for a Task in Tasker, if there's only 1 matching Task it'll run it right away instead of showing a 1 item list
  • Don't allow Return action to overwrite %caller() array


    • Fixed important memory leak bug when using structured variables in tasks with loops
    • Fixed other smaller memory leak bug (probably didn't create any issues) related to phone state
    • Fix long standing issue when editing scenes where sometimes the size of an element would automatically change when first added
    • Fixed some issues with Do Maths in Parse/Format DateTime action
    • Fixed Pick Input Dialog action in some situations
    • Fixed using Variable Search Replace with structured variables as the input
    • Fixed Run Shell action output variables for setting project/profile/task variables
    • Fixed accessing files in some situations with Android versions below 7
    • Fixed some issues with some array functions
    • Fixed bug in some profiles with the Intent Received condition where it could start an infinite loop
    • Fixed issue where copying a file from a folder on external storage that had a lot of files would be very slow
    • Fixed issue where last location would not always be gotten with Get Location v2 when the option to get last location was enabled
    • Fixed issue where using 2 Popup actions in a row could result in one of them not appearing
    • In Parse/Format DateTime action fixed output variables in some situations
    • Apply correct theme to dialogs in more situations
    • Fixed crash when scene layout grid is set to 0
    • Fixed Custom Setting action store values in project/profile/task variables
    • Fixed bug when using Ask Permissions actions where asking for file permissions would not work
    • Fixed using the %array($?expression) function in some situations
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes a media notification wasn't correctly found when trying to issue a Media Control
    • Fixed performTask argument types in JavaScriptlet helper
    • Fixed issue when using array lookup with newline joiners
    • Tried to fix issue where setting the initial position with the Music Play action was not always very accurate
    • Fixed a few crashes