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Release Notes

Android 5.0+ Devices

Release Video

v5.14.7 - 2021/10/28


  • Fixed long-standing issue where some events (like the LogCat Entry event) would become unmonitored in some very specific situations
  • Workaround for getting art for Spotify music in the Music Track Changed event because of a bug in the Spotify app
  • Fixed some warning messages when using projects that were shared to Taskernet in some situations
  • Don't show notification reminding of Get Location v2 if in kid app

v5.14.6 - 2021/10/26


  • Added Overlay + (Demo) and Blocking Overlay + (Demo) modes to scenes allowing you to display and interact with scenes in the status bar, navigation bar, lock screen and Always-On-Display
  • Allow scenes to be as big as the whole screen (not just the screen between the notification and navigation bars) so that you can create full screen overlays that go over the whole screen. Demo
  • Added Screen Capture action allowing you to record your screen with Tasker. Demo.
  • Added Display Density, Navigation Bar Offset, Navigation Bar Height and Status Bar Offset options in Test Display action. Demo.
  • Added options to make a share public and add tags to it when sharing something as a link. Demo
  • Added Task long-click option to show profiles where the task is used. Demo.
  • Added option (in Profile Properties) to run a profile's exit task on Tasker startup (after a reboot for example). Demo
  • Added Continue Task After Error option to Show Scene action; useful for when you want to make sure that a scene shows and don't know if it's already showing
  • Added selectRegex() function to Keyboard action
  • Added Result Encoding field to ADB Wifi action to fix some weird character issues in some situations
  • Added tip that Speakerphone action might not work on all devices
  • Added tip saying that volume long press might not work in all situations
  • Added info about what permissions are missing when importing a task/profile/project
  • Added dismissable notice that you can use TaskerNet to import new projects instead of creating them yourself when you click the main + button in the app
  • Added TaskerNet and Tutorials/Pre-made Projects entries to the Tasker>Menu popup
  • When sharing publicly to TaskerNet warn user that tags are mandatory


  • Correctly format in-action If conditions when exporting descriptions
  • Made the Not Running task because of collisions flash only appear if the alerts option in preferences is enabled
  • Don't allow selection of built-in icons in kid apps in the Pick Input Dialog action with Image or Images type
  • Don't allow commas in scene names when cloning a scene (was already not allowed for new ones)
  • Updated taskernet links in some places
  • Show which profiles reference a task if Tasker doesn't let you delete it because there are references to it
  • Added Location and Wifi State permissions to kid apps that use the Pick Input Dialog action
  • Made Close System Dialogs work on Android 12 using the accessibility service


  • Fixed selecting BT devices with the helper in BT Connected and BT Near
  • Fixed Do Not Disturb action's Query mode to get the correct results in some situations where it wasn't
  • Fixed reading CSV in some situations with empty fields
  • Fixed issue with reading CSV lines that don't have all elements where the elements from the next line were being returned.
  • Fixed some issues with showing non-relevant inputs in the Show Scene action depending on the chosen type
  • Fixed Pick Input Dialog in kid apps in some situations
  • Fixed showing correct values in some cases (scientific notation) in All Sensor events and states
  • Fixed crash when selecting Material images when importing a task/profile/project
  • Fixed bug where some states and events wouldn't be able to use project/profile/task variables
  • Correctly label state plugins if you search for them instead of selecting the plugin category when adding a state to a profile
  • Fixed bug where if in the Notify action you set up a notification button, wrote something in the label and selected the icon, the label would be cleared
  • Don't show error messages in some situations when a USB device is attached/detached from the system
  • Fixed bug where sometimes Tasker could crash when exiting while showing a scene
  • Fixed description formatting for Java Function action parameters
  • Fixed TaskerNet sharing errors not showing in some situations
  • Fixed a few crashes