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Release Notes

Release Video

v5.15.4 - 2022/03/07


  • Added Video Encoder (H264 or HVEC), Resolution and Video Bitrate to the Screen Capture action
  • Added prompt to share a task/profile/project file when saved to internal storage. It was previously sharing automatically
  • Added Continue Task On Error option to Scene Element Text, Scene Element Value and Set Variable actions


  • Tweaked the Android 13 dynamic icon so it looks more like the original Tasker lightning
  • Changed DateTime format documentation to point to Jodatime docs instead of Java docs
  • Changed label of "Text" field in "Say Wavenet" action to "Text/SSML" to make it more apparent that SSML is supported and also added a link to SSML documentation
  • Made Tasker restore the "block_untrusted_touches" setting when all scenes are destroyed, if it changed it in the first place so that it can correctly display pass-through overlays on Android 12+


  • Does not ask for the Manage All Storage permission if not needed. Was always asking before.
  • Workaround for Google Calendar bug where all day, recurring events would not be recognized
  • Fixed long-standing bug (exists since before I was Tasker's developer) where on some actions the %err variable wasn't being correctly set
  • Fixed long-standing bug (exists since before I was Tasker's developer) where some actions that end in error would stop the task even if the option to "Continue Task On Error" was enabled
  • Fixed rounding digits being defaulted to 0 when there's no rounding digits configuration present in the "Variable Set" action. Now it correctly defaults to 3 again like it did before.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when getting a crash detail
  • Fixed %errmsg variable for the Java Function action when there's an error
  • Fixed using Network Access action with multiple manual package names defined in multiple variables
  • Fixed running some actions after a permission request in certain situations
  • Fixed backing up and restoring full backups from external storage (SD card, USB)
  • Fixed some crashes

v5.15.12 - 2022/02/21

Main Additions

  • Added dynamic app icon for Android 13. Demo.
  • Added Title, Icon, Icon Size, Background Color, Task, Timeout, Continue Task Immediately (Demo), Text Color, Hide On Click, Show Over Everything (Demo 2),Use HTML and Position (Demo 3) options to Flash action.
  • Added Image field to Set Clipboard action allowing you to set put an image on the clipboard. Also added Get Clipboard action and Clipboard Changed event that triggers every time the clipboard changes. These allow you to get text, uri, html text, image uri, mimetypes and extras clipboard values. Demo.
  • Added option to show an image in the Text Dialog action and so renamed it to Text/Image Dialog. Also added option to show some text in the List Dialog action. Demo.
  • Added Action Error Notifications: when an action ends in error and Continue On Error is not enabled you'll get a notification alerting you of the error. Demo.
  • Added a helper to the Output Format field in the Parse/Format DateTime action. Demo.
  • Added Variable Map action. Demo.
  • Added Clone option when long clicking an action which will clone and edit the new action right away. Demo.
  • Added %array(*) array function that gets a random item from the array. Demo.

Other Additions

  • Added option to reset action error notifications
  • Made text color in Flash action automatically be set to a contrasting color if Background Color is set but Text Color is not set
  • Made long-click Clone and Enable/Disable actions show icons depending on which you use more often
  • Added all_metadata and all_metadata_keys variables to the Music Track Changed event
  • Added continueTaskImmediately parameter to musicPlay javascript action
  • Added Manage All Files option to Menu > More > Android Settings menu
  • Added Manage All Files permission which is mandatory for target API 30
  • Added Use Glocal Namespace option to all relevant actions that use file related root enabled operations
  • Added Your First Variable begginer's video in the Tasker menu and when you first select the VARS tab
  • Added Continue Task On Error option to the Variable Convert action
  • Added missing permissions from GetCurrentAppAndActivity() function in Tasker Function action
  • Added MMS Body filter field to the Received Text event
  • Added option to Ignore DND in the Sound Mode action
  • Added option to output colors in the Get Material You Colors action without the hashtag
  • Added option to run the Run Shell action in Tasker Settings. Some commands like ip neigh stopped working when Tasker started targeting API 30.
  • Added privacy policy on the first screen that shows when you first open Tasker in a fresh installation
  • Added tip about being careful about what you send with the HTTP actions
  • Added tip that you can use HTML formatting when sharing to TaskerNet
  • Added warning when running a root action without the Use Global Namespace option enabled
  • Moved Run Log to a Monitoring sub-menu. More to come there later.
  • Show link to Android issuetracker when setting up Sound Mode action showing that Android has a bug that doesn't allow it to work properly in all situations
  • Workaround for getting art for Spotify music in the Music Track Changed event because of a bug in the Spotify app
  • Updated Ukranian translation


  • Updated Target API to 30
  • Clarified some options in the Parse/Format DateTime helper and also used it for the Input Format field
  • Clear result array in SQL Query action before setting new result so that results from other potential actions are not maintained
  • If user is not inside Tasker instead of showing warning toasts, show warning notifications with the same content so they are not missed.
  • Limited app factory apps to only be allowed to target API 29 maximum
  • Made border of selected apps in App Select screen thicker for better visibility
  • Made disabled action texts appear grayed out
  • Made %SMSRB have the last MMS' body if available
  • Made Preferences > Flash Problems show on the new custom Tasker flash toast instead of regular toasts because regular toasts can't be shown outside of the app in some situations
  • Made selected apps in the App context show up first on the app list
  • Made Tasker Widget's text smaller and nearer to the icon
  • When a local variable doesn't have a value, show as an empty string in javascript instead of a string containing undefined
  • When checking the help screen for plugin actions, give user the choice to open the plugin's Google Play Store's page instead so they can ask the plugin's developer for help.
  • When selecting the task for a profile, show the last edited task in the second position of the list right below the New Task + entry


  • Fixed HTTP Request action automatic redirection in some situations
  • Alert user that Tasker needs file permission to access help files on the device
  • Made Tasker be able to have non-blocking overlays on Android 12+ by changing a secure setting to allow this automatically
  • Made 0 selectable in the Rounding Digits progress bar in the Variable Set action
  • Attempt to fix crash on some samsung devices when using the samsung keyboard with spelling check enabled
  • Attempt to fix not being able to get the value of some Custom Settings in some very specific situations
  • Made App Info action clear existing app info array variables before setting the new ones
  • Tried a workaround for the Test Display action on devices where the navigation bar height can't be automatically found
  • Tried to fix getting the clipboard in some situations
  • When Scenes+ are used in a kid app, add the accessibility service to it
  • Tried to fix NfcAdapter Not Present error when trying to use the NFC action in some situations
  • Corrected HTML parsing for text field in List Dialog action
  • Don't show Run Exit on Startup for profiles that have event conditions
  • Don't show action error notifications in some situations where it's not warranted (Kid apps, dialog actions, non-error actions)
  • Don't show action error notifications in some unwanted situations
  • Don't show notification about Variable Clear in kid apps
  • Don't show notification reminding of Get Location v2 if in kid app
  • Don't show some variable related warnings when not needed
  • Don't show special system variables with Test Tasker > Local Variables
  • Don't try to save double prefixed variables to user backup
  • Fix Say Wavenet action sometimes when used near the end of tasks where it could sometimes stop too soon and not finish what it was saying
  • Fixed Close System Dialogs action in some situations
  • Fixed Multiple Variable Set action for some math related situations
  • Fixed Sound Mode action to not always set to mute
  • Fixed %evtprm() for Variable Set events where the variable was being set multiple times very fast.
  • Fixed accessing files in JavaScript
  • Fixed accessing local documentation files
  • Fixed action cloning icon with a light action bar
  • Fixed asking for location permissions on Android 11 and above.
  • Fixed backing up Tasker setup to external storage on Android 11+
  • Fixed basic url based HTTP authentication in the HTTP Request action in cases where the password contains a @
  • Fixed comparisons between 2 numbers with a lot of decimal digits
  • Fixed crash when setting global variable to a very large piece of text
  • Fixed CSV reader for lines that contain double quotes
  • Fixed decimal number formatting in JSON reading
  • Fixed description for Wifi action when turning off Wifi
  • Fixed description of Mobile Data action when disabling mobile data
  • Fixed DND action when the Custom option is selected when using the helper in different languages
  • Fixed full screen activities (no system bars) on Android 12
  • Fixed getting the Navigation Bar Size in Test Display on some specific devices
  • Fixed importing a Tasker setup with Material You enabled to a sub Android 12 device.
  • Fixed issue in Parse/Format DateTime action when adding offets in days with 23 or 25 hours
  • Fixed issue that prevented Tasker from opening if logging to internal storage was enabled and Tasker didn't have permission to manage all files on Android 11+
  • Fixed issue where some events were not able to set their variables structured output
  • Fixed issue where sometimes help messages for certain actions would also show up in other actions
  • Fixed issue with screen capturing on Android 12
  • Fixed Keyboard action sometimes not able to operate right after the clipboard has changed
  • Fixed long-standing issue where some events (like the LogCat Entry event) would become unmonitored in some very specific situations
  • Fixed not being able to write to an NFC tag with the NFC Tag action if a profile with the NFC Tag event was not setup first
  • Fixed overwriting scenes in a different project when importing a scene from Taskernet that already existed
  • Fixed profile variables sometimes overflowing into other profiles if they were using the same condition
  • Fixed reacting to certain built-in variables with the Variable Set event and Variable Value state
  • Fixed reading some numbers in JSON structures
  • Fixed rounding numbers with 0 rounding digits
  • Fixed showing the Restore Settings option when exporting a profile
  • Fixed some warning messages when using projects that were shared to Taskernet in some situations
  • Fixed stopping the Any Sensor, Logcat and Dark Mode monitors when they shouldn't stop in some very specific situations
  • Fixed the Set Mobile Network Type, Airplane Mode and ADB Wifi actions on Android 11+
  • Fixed Torch action in some situations
  • Fixed using structured arrays as input for the List Dialog action