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Release Notes

Android 5.0+ Devices

v5.5.bf2 - 2018/10/10


  • Made Tasker monitor always update when Tasker setup is changed. Previously it didn't update in some situations, making new profiles not trigger
  • Made Display -> Turn On action available
  • For devices on API lower than P don't ignore empty phone numbers
  • Fixed issue when saving with back button
  • Fixed Home Screen Shortcuts delay on some devices

v5.5.bf - 2018/10/09


  • Made Tasker monitor always update when Tasker setup is changed. Previously it didn't update in some situations, making new profiles not trigger
  • Fixed not being able to use variables in Status Bar Icons action
  • Now correctly asks user for WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission when using the NFC action
  • If Google Drive Upload File public share fails, return error instead of success
  • Fixed showing new profiles in a project after importing from Taskernet and local file, if Tasker was open when importing
  • Fixed crash when using camera while Tasker doesn't have DND access permission

v5.5 - 2018/10/03


  • Export as Link: revolutionizing the way Tasker data is shared. Tasker/Profiles/Projects can be exported as Links and to import them, user simply needs to click on the Link with Tasker installed. Demo here.
  • Access https://taskernet.com/shares/ to manage your shared links.
  • Automatic Google Drive backup: will upload every time there are changes and keep 1 daily backup. Demo here.
  • Google Drive Restore: Restore data from any of your previous Google Drive backups. Demo here.
  • Ability to directly import from XML files for projects/profiles/tasks
  • Custom Setting State/Event: monitor Android's settings so you can react to their changes. For example, turn the volume down when night light is enabled
  • Google Drive Upload action: upload a file to a folder on your Google Drive and optionally share it. Demo here.
  • Display Size action: change the size of your display dinamically. Demo here.
  • NFC Action: Toggle NFC on or off
  • Status Bar Icons: Hide icons on your status bar. Demo here.
  • Force Rotation: Force the rotation of your display. Demo here.
  • Data Backup: Backup Tasker data with optional Google Drive backup. Demo here.
  • Ping: Check the connectivity and latency to a remote network host
  • Multi-SIM support for Send SMS action
  • Ask Permissions: Mainly for users that share tasker data with others or Exported Apps
  • Tasker can now output multiple local variables from an action like plugins (GDrive Upload action does it)
  • Badges for new States and Events
  • Option to keep wifi on with Wifi Tether
  • More Custom Settings that will be automatically found
  • When importing data from a URL, added option to show description of what you're importing, before importing it.
  • Added android.permission.DUMP permission to manifest
  • Tasker notifications will now show the time they were created


  • When Tasker crashes, a notification will be generated so user can directly report the crash to the developer
  • When Tasker exits, it'll always check if battery optimizations are off: too many people were having issues with it
  • When you export data to storage, it'll share the file so you can easily open it somewhere else. You can turn this off in Preferences.
  • SMS App action will now set it with no prompt if Tasker has the Write Secure Settings permission
  • Updated support email address
  • If device is rooted End Call will be performed with root so it always works
  • Upgraded to Google Play Services 12
  • Take Call works with root if available
  • When moving file and using HTTP GET with file create destination directory first if it doesn't exist.
  • Allow for user https certificates for HTTP actions
  • When license is not valid, stop Tasker monitor
  • Changed default App usage method to App Usage Stats
  • Will now create a notification if an action with a missing plugin is ran


  • Fixed Array Set not clearing previously existing array with the same name
  • Fixed some dialogs accepting the positive action when the Android back button was pressed
  • Ask for location permission in Wifi Connected and Wifi Near states
  • Fixed opening file from a folder whose name started with "Tasker"
  • Fixed Biometric Dialog not showing up when running from outside Tasker
  • Fixed error message when running Create Directory action
  • Fixed not being able to delete multiple profiles at once
  • Fixed Wifi Tethering for Android P
  • Don't exit Tasker if some other app opens while Tasker is in its main screen
  • Write file action creates missing directories if needed
  • Fixed crash when wifi tether action fails because of Carrier blocks
  • Made files with root directories sharable with other apps
  • Fixed missing permission for SMS action: READ_PHONE_STATE
  • Fixed time not showing in notifications
  • Fixed Menu -> Data -> Share
  • Fixed crash when exporting project with missing icon
  • Fixed crash showing overlay scene with no permission
  • Request Read Call Logs permission on phone ringing event to be able to get the phone number
  • Fixed Airplane Radios action
  • Fixed toast background color on devices where toast isn't white by default
  • Fixed testing for file size with root
  • Fixed Phone Ringing event for Android Pie (it was not detecting phone numbers correctly)
  • Ask for storage permissions when enabling run log
  • Make text boxes not important for autofill