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Release Notes

Android 5.0+ Devices


  • Added Google Drive Download action with support for downloading individual files or full folders. This allows for folder syncing between devices like in this demo!
  • Added Google Drive List action
  • Added Google Drive Trash action
  • Added Google Drive Sign In action
  • Support for uploading whole folders in Google Drive Upload action
  • Tasker can now have optional access to your full Google Drive so that it can see files and folders that it didn't create itself
  • Put Google Drive actions in their own action category
  • Added option to change share account
  • Block Time option to Turn On action
  • Turn On action should now work with edge lighting enabled on Samsung devices
  • More Custom Setting names
  • Added option to stop reminding about missing permissions when saving data
  • More custom setting keys
  • Fixed checking if can write system settings


  • Removed Beginner Mode. All users use "regular mode" now.
  • Added big warning when disabling Run In Foreground
  • Restart monitor after setting reliable alarms pref via action to refresh next alarm
  • Rename "Lock Screen" to "Turn Off" and put it in Display section
  • When Custom Setting action fails but setting ends up with correct value, report success anyway
  • Profile and Task descriptions now export with 4 leading spaces instead of tabs
  • Don't show warning if there's no name for last edited scene


  • Fixed bug refreshing Tasker data after importing in some cases
  • Made Google Drive Backup restore not enable all previously disabled profiles
  • Fixed "Operation not permitted" bug in App Factory on some devices
  • Add permissions from "Ask Permissions" action when creating Kid app
  • Getting description for projects also shows tasks that are not in profiles now.
  • Made profiles not disable themselves after exporting as link
  • Fixed Custom Setting listeners when multiple profiles monitored the same setting
  • Try to fix inconsistent %DATE formatting
  • Fixed Google Drive Upload sometimes sending files to wrong folder
  • Fixed asking for device administration and notification access when needed
  • Fixed Auto-Sync option on Test Net
  • Fixed some situations where exporting a project as an app would fail because of missing icon
  • Fixed issue with requesting Answer Phone Call permission on Android 8 and above