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Release Notes

Android 5.0+ Devices

Release Video

v5.9.2 - 2020/02/04


  • Added ADB Wifi action that allows you to run some shell commands that could normally only run on a rooted device. Demo here.
  • ADB Wifi action has a helper that automatically finds overlays and services for you. Overlays demo here and services demo here.
  • Added Default ADB Wifi Port setting in Tasker Settings > Misc which will be used in actions that may use ADB Wifi (Airplane Mode, Mobile Data, etc)
  • Added searchable tags to actions: for example searching for "toast" in the action list will now show the "Flash" action as a match. Demo here.
  • Added root-only Command helper to the Run Shell action (same as the ADB Wifi helper)
  • Added Mobile Network Type action that allows you to change the kind of data network your phone can connect to. Demo here.
  • Made Mobile Data and Airplane Mode actions work on all unrooted devices with ADB Wifi
  • Added Hide Dialog option in the Get Voice action. Allows you to recognize your voice with the screen off and without showing a prompt. Demo here.
  • Added Min Speed Accuracy option to Get Location V2 action
  • Added Continue on Error to Wifi action
  • Added Check Root and Check ADB Wifi Accessible in Tasker Functions action
  • Added Grep Filter option in Logcat Entry event that allows you to filter logs at the command line level making it more efficient
  • Make different tones when Logcat bubble starts and stops recording logs with the volume buttons


  • When pressing back on a task with no actions simply cancel it like you do with the cancel button
  • Made error appear on screen when action doesn't have permission to run. Previously only a notification would be created
  • If Run Shell action runs a service call command, output will now be properly parsed
  • When you search for an action and what you searched for matches an action name exactly it'll appear at the top of the list. For example, searching for if will make the If action the first item in the search results instead of it being buried under all the actions that have the letters i and f in their names
  • If Always View Help Online option is enabled in Tasker Preferences, online version will always be gotten even if there's a local version


  • Fixed BT Connection state being slow to trigger in some situations
  • Fixed bug where a BT Connected state would never be active if the bluetooth's device name couldn't be gotten
  • Fixed bug with Logcat Entry event where it would consume more resources than it should
  • Fixed help file for Notification Removed event
  • Made Data Backup action work with external SD card paths
  • Fixed Javascript actions where variable values contained \"
  • Fixed some crashes