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Release Notes

Android 5.0+ Devices

Release Video

v5.9.3 - 2020/08/04


  • Added Any Sensor event and state and Test Sensor action and Sensor Info action. Demo here.
  • Added way to fully customize Do Not Disturb mode when turning it on with Tasker. Demo here.
  • Added List Dialog action that allows you to show a list of items, select one or multiple items from it and get the selection back to the task. Demo here.
  • Added Text Dialog action. Demo here.
  • Added Contact Via App: allows you to interact with your contacts via third party apps, like video-calling through Whatsapp or Skype, or navigating to them via Google Maps. Demo here.
  • Added Local Variable Passthrough options to the "Perform Task" and "Return" actions. If enabled will make all variables available in the other task. Demo here.
  • Allow Tasker Secondary app to be triggered by URLs like tasker://secondary?text=hello&other=hi where every parameter will be made available as a Tasker variable in the triggered task. Demo here.
  • Added action to Control WireGuard tunnels in the Tasker Function action. Demo Here.
  • Added Event filter in File Modified event so that it can trigger only on specific file events. Demo Here.
  • Added Wait For File Event function to Tasker Function action so that you can wait for example for a file to finish writing. Demo Here.
  • Added Clear App Data, Enable/Disable App, Take Screenshot, Toggle SIM Card and Uninstall App to the ADB Wifi Helper. Demo here.
  • Added Termux Command and "Launch Assistant" functions to the "Tasker Function" action
  • Added option to allow variable overwrite in Perform Task action
  • When using the helper in the Custom Setting action it'll find all the settings on your specific device instead of using a generic list of settings
  • Added Query option to Do Not Disturb action
  • Added option in Test Net to get your phone's Wifi IP Address
  • Allow for Secondary App Opened, Music Track Changed, BT Connected and Any Sensor events to add conditions based on their local variables right in the event configuration
  • Allow File Modified event to work with variables in the File Modified field
  • Added %evtprm() to the variable list in actions that are in a profile that has an event condition
  • Made moving projects left and right easier by asking how many positions you want to move the project instead of having to move 1 by 1
  • When importing a Task or Profile from Taskernet, Tasker will ask in which project you want to put the imported item
  • Added Use Cookies option in HTTP Request action which will automatically keep and use cookies for websites, allowing you to stay signed in for example
  • Added Continue Task On Error option to Get Voice action
  • Added Get Sims function to Tasker Function action
  • Added Stop Vibration action to Tasker Functions
  • Added option to continue on error in the Variable Search Replace action
  • Added support for 5G in Mobile Network Type action
  • Show Your First Project video tutorial if you have a lot of profiles/tasks and only 1 project
  • Added Your First Project video to Tasker menu
  • Added Reset Return Variable to Perform Task action so that the return variable is automatically unset before calling the child task
  • Make state plugin variables available in exit tasks of profiles
  • Added option to rename Task in the menu of the Task edit screen itself
  • Added advanced search for Events, States and List Dialogs (including variable select and other Tasker ones)
  • Added tip about List Dialog action when using the Menu action
  • Tell root users that they can use Run Shell instead of ADB WiFi


  • When adding If or For actions, give user the option to automatically add other appropriate actions (else, end if, end for). Demo here.
  • Automatically focus in the variable field in the If action so that you can select a variable right away without first clicking on the field
  • Automatically focus task entry text box when creating a new task
  • Changed %evtprm(1) for File Modified event from the path that is being monitored to the path of the actual file that changed
  • When you use the alert() function in Javascript it will now use the new Text Dialog
  • When a variable's value is an empty String it'll now be considered a not set variable by Tasker in any condition in the app
  • Changed how ADB Wifi is checked before running an action that needs it so it works better
  • Made searching Action list even easier by allowing partial matches on each word
  • Made Take Call action work on Android Versions prior to Oreo
  • Made Kill App action use ADB Wifi if available and warn users that ADB Wifi can be used
  • Made %evtprm(1) (file path) in File Modified event be url decoded so it can be used right away
  • Made cancel option in Task edit screen always visible
  • Changed main Tasker notification when no profiles are active to show the total number of existing and enabled profiles
  • Make "Input Dialog" and "Text Dialog" able to receive newlines in its configuration directly
  • Made Draw Over Other apps notification show current app name (instead of Tasker) on kid apps
  • Make dialog that shows up when exiting Tasker not dismissable
  • Don't ask to grant adb wifi permissions with root
  • Made map that shows in Get Location v2 action when you pick your initial location to show a hybrid map
  • Don't allow new task names with the '%' character in their names
  • When inputting app factory certificate password make input field hide characters


  • Fixed long standing File Modified Event bug where sometimes it would break is some situations.
  • Fixed sending email to support with bad-formatted text in some situations
  • Fix situation where in the "ADB Wifi" action if you let it enable debugging sometimes the action would fail
  • Fixed "Follow Redirects" option in "HTTP Request" action which was always enabled independently of what was chosen
  • Fixed Dark Mode detection in some cases
  • Fixed situation where disable time based profiles were being taken into account when determining Tasker's next wake up time
  • Show all activities when long clicking an app in the Launch App action instead of just some
  • Fixed %caller variable when enter and exit tasks of a profile would call the same task very quickly
  • Fixed showing maximum possible screen brightness when setting up the Display Brightness action on some devices
  • Fixed taking screenshots on Android 10, shouldn't show the prompt on the screenshot anymore
  • Fixed HTTP Request action when a gzipped response was gotten. Now automatically unzips it
  • Fixed automatic redirections in HTTP Request action in some cases
  • Fixed issues with clipboard getting while in the background
  • Fixed using Launch Last App action with Tasker Secondary
  • Fixed Cooldown time not working for Steps event based profiles
  • Fixed Task rename dialog inside Task edit screen when you enter an invalid value
  • Fixed Tasker being blocked in some situations when using Map related scene actions
  • Fixed Tasker crashing if you cancel the helper dialog in "Any Sensor" conditions
  • Fixed bug in Javascript actions where some variable names couldn't be used
  • Made easy service commands work in the Run Shell action
  • Correctly handle multi-SIMS where SIM cards have the same name
  • Fixed writing HTTP Request body in some situations
  • Fixed using eval(variable) in Javascript actions where variable contains some Javascript code
  • Fixed local variables in Get Voice action
  • Made Get Sims action in Tasker Function action request the READ_PHONE_STATE permission
  • When an online help file can't be reached only offer to email support about it if user has a working internet connection
  • Added Biometric permission to kid apps if needed
  • Made ADB Wifi request the INTERNET permission so kid apps can work with it
  • Fixed bug that said that wrong type argument when editing the Calendar Insert action
  • Fixed bug where sometimes if you changed your phone's orientation at the wrong time it could cause app checking to stop working
  • Fixed bug where converting time to seconds and back to time could result in wrong value
  • Fixed some variables being inadvertently changed with javascript actions
  • Fixed issue with JavaScript and double slashes in strings in the script
  • Fixed using the write function in the Keyboard action in some special cases
  • Fixed issue with Keyboard action sometimes getting stuck on the Tasker keyboard
  • Tried to make Tasker only check for root access if root actions are used
  • Fixed bug where if Music Play action is used without the option to continue right away and then Music Stop was used before the song was done the task would get stuck forever
  • Fixed bug with File Attribute Changed variables
  • Fixed issue when restoring backup with a Tasker lock pin present
  • Fixed setting animation in Show Scene action config
  • Fixed moving files in some situations
  • Fixed File Closed event
  • Fixed crash on startup in some situations
  • Fixed some crashes