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Release Notes

Release Video

v6.0.10 - 2022/07/08


  • Fixed "Airplane Mode" asking for assistant permissions even if user has a rooted device
  • Changed "Get Assistant Info"'s action category to "Display"
  • Added "Only Monitor" option to "Restart Tasker" action allowing you to not do a full "reboot" of Tasker but simply restart its monitor
  • Fixed a few color issues in Tasker's permission intro
  • Added intelligible message when "Reboot" action fails
  • Fixed asking for Bluetooth Connect permissions when needed
  • Fixed images not updating in scenes in very specific situations

v6.0.9 - 2022/07/07

Main Additions

  • Tasky is a brand new automation-for-everyone mode in Tasker! Import pre-made Tasky routines and configure them so they work exactly like you need them to. Demo
  • Added Get Screen Info (Assistant) action which allows you to get the current URL, text and other info from the current screen! Demo.
  • Added ability to control Airplane Mode on your device without the need for root or ADB Wifi! Demo
  • Added option to open a URL in a specific app with the Browse URL action (Demo) and the option to show an Open With dialog where you can select the app to open the URL in (Demo).
  • Added option Can Use On Locked Device to action Setup Quick Setting to allow you to use a Tasker Quick Setting Tile action without unlocking your device. Demo.
  • Added Get Battery Info action that gets all the info about your device's battery. Demo.
  • Added Get Pixel Color action to get the pixel color of any image! You can for example combine this with the Screenshot action to get the color of any pixel on the screen, so you can automate based on what colors are on the screen at any given moment! Demo
  • Added a Running Tasks screen that allows you to see which tasks are running, edit each running task and even stop any running task. Think Window's Tasker manager but for Tasker! Demo.
  • Added an Active Profiles screen that simply shows every single active profile (profiles where the condition is currently true). Demo.
  • Added names of event parameter variables in the variable list when editing a task that is triggered from a profile with an event. Demo.
  • Now, if you collapse an If or For block in your tasks, you exit Task editing and then re-enter the task, the collapse state will be kept. This means that you can continue editing right where you left off! Demo.
  • Added ability to automatically convert an uploaded file to certain formats with the Google Drive Upload action. Demo.
  • Added option to export a project's description. Previously you could only export its full XML data. Demo.

Other Additions

  • Added Restart Tasker action
  • Added URL, Texts and Extras filter fields to the Assistance Request event condition
  • Added option to get music playing position in millis to Test Media action
  • Updated Ukranian translation
  • Added warning when you have 2 or more actions with the same label in one task and Goto actions are referencing that label
  • Added option to Contact Via App action to send text right away to WhatsApp Business contacts
  • When you use the Get Location v2 action, that'll also refresh the Location monitor Tasker uses for the Location conditions in your profiles. This will allow you to effectively fine-tune the times Tasker checks for location for those profiles by using Get Location v2 in your tasks.
  • Added Continue Task After Error option to Load Last App action
  • Ask for BLUETOOTH_CONNECT (Nearby Devices) permission on Android 12 and above for the Bluetooth action
  • Added Language and TTS Voice options to the Pick Input Dialog action and Project/Profile/Task variable types.
  • Added ability to select 0 as the value for Rounding Digits in the Multiple Variables Set action
  • Added event conditions to exported description when available
  • Added task name that is ignored to notification about task queue being full
  • When importing a share from TaskerNet while using Tasker, show all the permissions that are needed, plugins that are used and Conditions and Actions that the import uses


  • Show message that Toggle Split Screen action is not supported on Android 12L and Android 13
  • Made Power Mode show up in search results when searching for battery in the action list
  • Use Android's file Picker for Tasker but alert that users should select from the device folders and not shortcuts
  • HTTP Request action now automatically sets the Content-Type header to text/xml if it can detect that content is XML, application/json if it can detect JSON, application/x-www-form-urlencoded if it's valid form data or text/plain otherwise


  • Fixed getting all day, recurring calendar events with the Test App action
  • Don't show action problems (like app doesn't exist, etc) if action is disabled
  • Fixed some Auto and Material You theme issues
  • Fixed not asking for some permissions when you first open Tasker on devices that don't need them
  • Fixed Parse/Format DateTime action when formating dates with literal 'u' characters which were being replaced with 'e' characters
  • Fixed Battery Settings action to correctly open Android's battery settings screen
  • Fixed issue with immutable Project/Profile/Task variables where their value would not be correctly read in the same task
  • Fixed using structured variables in notification actions
  • Fixed %bi_temperature variable in Get Battery Info action
  • Fixed Airplane Mode action in some situations
  • Fixed text color when expanding importable Tasky routines
  • Fixed situation where sometimes multiple Tasky routines would expand when clicking one of them
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Fixed playing music from SD card with Music Play action and recording voice to external storage as well
  • Fixed some situations where both clicks and strokes were detected for the same interaction with scene elements


  • Removed App Cache API option from WebViews in Scenes since that API no longer exists