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Release Notes

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v6.1.32 - 2023/05/15


  • Added ID field to the Flash action when using Tasker Layout so that you can control which toasts overwrite each other
  • Made the delay when showing toasts with the Tasker Layout option shorter
  • Fixed low API check when checking if mobile data connection is 4G or 5G
  • Attempt to fix crash when using profile variables on certain devices
  • Fixed bug where certain Pick Input Dialogs where being cancelled right away
  • When using Convert To Task in a Scene task, create the task in the same project as the scene
  • Fixed bug where certain Pick Input Dialogs where being cancelled right away
  • Fixed bug where you weren't able to download google drive files to local hidden folders
  • Added %tasker_current_action_number local variable to running tasks so you can know which number the task is on at any time
  • Made the Close System Dialogs action not error out if the Accessibility Service is already enabled

v6.1.26 - 2023/05/02

Main Additions

  • New Icons: Launcher (monochrome and full color), Loading and Tasker Secondary. Very special thanks to EtyareWS over at Reddit for the icons!
  • Accessibility Services Management: Enable or disable currently running accessibility services, trigger a profile when these change and keep them running even if the system kills them. Demo
  • Query the Accessibility Services on your device to find out if they're running or not. Demo
  • Added new Progress Dialog action. Demo
  • Added option to set flashlight intensity/level in the Torch action for Android 13+ on compatible devices. Demo
  • Added ability for local files or direct URLs or even text to be used directly in the notification icon of the Notify action. Demo
  • A lot of new settings for Set up Quick Setting Tile action:
    • Added Icon and Label options allowing you to set a label and icon independently from the Task you're using. Demo
    • Added Long Click Task. Demo
    • Added Double Click Task And Subtitle. Demo
    • Added Command, Long Click Command, Double Click Command and Command Prefix settings. Demo
  • Added support for 5G in the Mobile Network state. Demo
  • Added Request Add Tile action for Android 13+ allowing you to show a dialog that asks the user to add a Tasker Quick Setting Tile to their list. Demo
  • Added new Pick Photos action for Android 13+ and some Android 11 and 12 devices. Demo
  • Added Can Use On Locked Device option to Device Control (Power Menu Action) on Android 13+. Demo
  • Added Convert Into Task option when you long-select one or more actions in a task so that it automatically turns all those actions into a new task for you. Demo
  • Added workaround for buggy Samsung launchers so that Tasker Shortcuts won't be reset at seemingly random times. Demo
  • Added Change Device Lock Screen Password/Pin option to the ADB Wifi action's helper. Demo
  • Added Device Unlock Failed event. Demo

Other Additions

  • Made Paste Below option always an available option when long selecting an action in a task. Demo
  • Added optional notification that can be automatically created when Tasker is disabled so that you can quickly enable Tasker again by clicking on the notification. Demo
  • Added %nfc_id_with_colons variable to NFC Tag event and action so that it outputs a more compatible ID for some situations
  • Added %pd_type output variable to Dialog Progress' output variables
  • Added %sa_extras variable to Secondary App Opened event
  • Added the %sa_category variable in the Secondary App Opened event that contains the Category of the intent used to open the app
  • Added outputs to App Info action: %app_is_launcher and %app_is_default_launcher
  • Added ability in Element Value action to set scene element values using pattern matching
  • Added Compact Exports option in Tasker > Preferences > MISC
  • Added condition list to Logcat Entry event
  • Added File System Picker and Directory System Picker to Pick Input Dialog action to pick files and folders with the system picker
  • Added help for Limit Passthrough To field in Perform Task action
  • Added helper function to toggle Data Saver Mode in ADB Wifi action
  • Added option to change Input Dialog's output variable name
  • Added option to Continue Task After Error in the Element Visibility action
  • Added option to not ask/remind of missing permissions on app exit
  • Added option to structure output with setGlobal() action in Javascript
  • Added Prevent JSON Smart Search option to Set Variable Structure Type action so that a full path needs to be used to read JSON values on that specific variable
  • Added prompt to ask for permission to schedule exact alarms when needed
  • Added Timeout option in Pick Input Dialog action for some types of inputs where it's supported
  • Added warning about how the Wifi Near state can be slow to update at times
  • Added warning that Media Volume might not always work on all devices and to use Accessibility Volume in those cases
  • Added warning that Toggle Split Screen action won't work on Android 13+
  • Made Run Shell action appear as a search result when you search for any function name that can be used in that action's helper
  • Made Tasker Secondary be able to be launched by apps that launch calendar apps (like Nova Launcher's home screen search widget)
  • Made variable list text in Events/States/Actions selectable
  • Tried to make Logcat monitor work via ADB Wifi or root if available on Android 13+
  • When user doesn't have the correct version of app factory installed show current and version that the user should have in the dialog
  • Added extra dialog when Tasker prompts you to enable the accessibility service to comply with new Google Play Store rules
  • Added Command and HTTP Request actions to JavaScript so you can now call them from your scripts
  • Added %caller_netdinglischandroidtaskermextraprofilevariables variable in tasks where Project/Profile/Task variables are avaialble with info about them
  • Added BLUETOOTH_SCAN permission that's needed for some situations when interacting with BT devices now
  • Added Korean translation
  • Updated Chinese translation
  • Updated Ukranian translation
  • Updated about page


  • Changed the way a task with many actions shows: the last action will not display below the FAB so that you can always interact with it properly. Demo
  • Made long profile names scroll if you long click one of them so you can see their full name. Demo
  • Updated target API to 31. Let me know if anything breaks because of this
  • A security issue with Tasker shortcuts was found. Because of this when you launch an existing shortcut created with previous Tasker versions a warning will come up that you have to confirm to run it. If you re-create your shortcuts this warning will not show up anymore.
  • Changed Input Dialog action so that the input field has a max height so that it doesn't hide the buttons on the bottom if it gets too big
  • Changed name of WiFi Tether action to WiFi Tether (Hotspot)
  • Changed net.dinglisch.android.tasker.PERMISSION_RUN_TASKS permission to protection level dangerous which means that apps that want to use that permission now need to explicitly request it from the user
  • Changed some logs related to wait actions to try and find out why sometimes wait actions take longer than they should
  • Changed the (invisible) label of the home project to Default Project for better accessibility
  • Changed the File and Directory types of pickers in the Pick Input Dialog action so that they use Tasker's internal file picker.
  • Renamed Refactor Into Task to Convert Into Task
  • Renamed action Setup Quick Seting to Setup Quick Setting Tile
  • Renamed Power Menu Action to Device Control (Power Menu Action)
  • Don't show choice to download more Ipacks when selecting an image since those will be going away from Google Play soon
  • Don't show error in log if using the action to collapse the notification tray when it's already collapsed
  • Don't show external access error on kid apps
  • Don't show rounding digits in exported Variable Set and Multiple Variable Set exported descriptions if Do Maths is not enabled
  • In Pick Input Dialog action > Contact, don't ask if Contact or Not Contact. Simply accept the contact as is.
  • Made default timeout in ADB Wifi action be 10 seconds instead of 1
  • Made Tasker always ask user to email the dev about Tasker Settings, even when just using the Custom Setting action since Tasker Settings will be delisted from Google Play
  • Made the new actions/events/states badges appear based on the release name, so actions/events/states from older won't appear as new forever
  • Made Toasts with Tasker Layout have a dark background when dark theme is set on the device
  • Made warning toasts with more than 60 characters of text use Tasker's layout instead of native toasts.
  • On Android 13+ don't require logcat permission to use the Get Clipboard action because it requires ADB Wifi to work. Can be slower but at least it should work without ADB Wifi.
  • Updated Open File action to use Tasker Settings when opening APK files because of Google Play Store restrictions
  • When refactoring actions into Task, make input dialog's inputted text start with an upper case by default
  • When you enable external access in Tasker you are now prompted to allow that permission for the apps that request it


  • Made Pick Photos action compatible with Android 11 and 12 devices that have a Settings> Security> Google Play system update more recent than May 2022
  • Made Notification Click event only require accessibility service if any of the setup events intercept clicks from non-Tasker apps
  • Limited rootless Airplane Mode action to Android 7+
  • Allow using structured variables in For actions to specify the range
  • Don't request READ_LOGS permission for Get Clipboard action as it's not needed.
  • Ask for the Lock Code if Tasker is locked when importing stuff from Taskernet and don't allow to import if can't input the correct code
  • Only ask for file permissions in HTTP Request action if a file is actually being used
  • Fixed action list moving a bit up so it doesn't appear under + button in some situations
  • Fixed asking for permissions in some situations
  • Fixed asking for READ_PHONE_NUMBER permission only on Android 11+
  • Fixed being able to use a variable for the title in the Browse URL action
  • Fixed bug where a Flash action with the Tasker Layout option enabled could stall Tasker until the next time the display was turned on
  • Fixed bug where App Shortcuts (long-clicking Tasker > Select option) were being considered insecure.
  • Fixed bug where if you scanned an NFC tag and didn't have Tasker profiles to handle sometimes the screen could become unresponsive
  • Fixed bug where kid apps weren't able to toggle airplane mode even with the necessary permissions
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the action list of a task would be wrongly resized
  • Fixed bug where Tasker would crash when editing elements of very large scenes
  • Fixed bug where the Return variable in the Perform Task action wouldn't correctly set task/profile/project variables
  • Fixed changing the location of a Location condition. Previously if you moved the marker, the new location wouldn't stick.
  • Fixed checkin your license in Tasky with the direct-purchase version
  • Fixed crash in some situations when you set a global variable with a very large size
  • Fixed crash that happened for some users when scanning NFC tags
  • Fixed crashes when getting screen info with the Get Screen Info (Assistant) action in some situations
  • Fixed direct-purchase version of the app checking for license when test server was selected in Preferences
  • Fixed Flash action with Tasker Layout using dark and light theme correctly
  • Fixed granting permissions for Tasker to read files from SD card on some devices
  • Fixed HTTP Auth action sending unneeded HTTP headers in some situations which could break certain web services like Dropbox
  • Fixed icon selection in Notify action keeping its value if you switch between icon input and text input
  • Fixed immutable project/profile/task variables not being able to be changed within a task (their original value will be kept, but you can change that value just for the local variable inside a task)
  • Fixed Input Dialog action so that the input supports multiple lines
  • Fixed issue in Parse/Format DateTime action where it was crashing for some users in specific time zones.
  • Fixed issue where project/profile/task variables were not being stored in some situations
  • Fixed issue where sometimes a file couldn't be downloaded with the HTTP Request action because of an invalid file name
  • Fixed issue where Variable Passthrough in Perform Task would not keep each variable structure type
  • Fixed issue with launching some apps in some situations in Android 12+
  • Fixed Keep Accessibility Running in some situations
  • Fixed Keyguard action throwing an error is some situations
  • Fixed List Apps action crashing Tasker if too many apps were present on the device
  • Fixed Logcat Entry event asking for ADB Wifi permission sometimes even if the option to not use ADB Wifi for it was disabled
  • Fixed long-standing bug (since before I was Tasker's developer) where some actions would be incorrectly logged in the Run Log as finishing successfully when they finished in error.
  • Fixed making Get Voice without a dialog work after using the Get Screen Info (Assistant) action
  • Fixed not making input dialog multi-line by default
  • Fixed not trying to start monitoring some conditions if app doesn't have permission to do it.
  • Fixed output of Parse/Format Datetime action in some very specific situations
  • Fixed plugin actions that time out not having an error message and simply returning a null error. Now they say there was a timeout so it's clearer what happened.
  • Fixed Project/Profile/Task variables being overwritten in wrong situations (eg, a Task that is used in a profile somewhere in your setup would always overwrite variables in that profile even if not triggered by that specific profile)
  • Fixed READ_PHONE_NUMBER permission for Call action
  • Fixed reading JSON values with complex keys (ones with dots in them) in some situations
  • Fixed reading JSON values with dotted keys in some situations
  • Fixed reading some CSV strings with double quotes
  • Fixed Request Add Tile action in some situations
  • Fixed Screen Capture action not working on Android 8 (and possibly others)
  • Fixed Set Assistant action to work with variables
  • Fixed setting Global Variables directly from some actions
  • Fixed setting the intensity of the flashlight in the Torch action on Android 13+
  • Fixed setting variables with the Multiple Variables Set action in some specific situations
  • Fixed Show Notification Icon e Show Notification Icon (No Active Profiles) checking themselves correctly automatically depending on what the user has configured in Android settings for those notification categories
  • Fixed showing non-interactive scenes on the lock screen in some situations
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Fixed some issues with Keep Accessibility Running
  • Fixed some smaller random crashes
  • Fixed Status Bar - Expanded action not working sometimes
  • Fixed Tasker alert toasts being transparent. They are now opaque
  • Fixed Tasker asking for accessibility permissions when using %WIN variable and the following events: Notification Clicked, New Window, Button Clicked
  • Fixed Tasker asking for permission to ignore battery optimization on devices that don't have that issue in some situations
  • Fixed Tasker shortcuts not working on some buggy implementations (like KLWP) because of the buggy Samsung launcher workaround that was applied on the last version. Now only if you're actually using the Samsung launcher will the workaround be used.
  • Fixed Tasker sometimes being slower to exit if user has missing permissions but doesn't want to be reminded of them
  • Fixed Text/Image Dialog action going away if it times out
  • Fixed the dialog to select apps throughout Tasker to pre-select already selected apps when called
  • Fixed using custom notification icons in Notify action in some situations
  • Fixed using exported values in kid apps for project/profile/task variables
  • Fixed using List Item Dragging > When Selecting, With Menu Option when editing actions for a scene element interaction (tap for example)
  • Fixed Vibrate action on Android 13 when Touch Feedback level is set to 0. Use vibration & haptics still has to be on though.